Convotherm Maxx

9/03/2021 10:01 am

Convotherm maxxThe Convotherm maxx offers you everything you need at a great price.

Whether its food service for a-la-carte restaurants, cafes or bakeries, success depends on many factors: the right concept, the right product range, the right timing - and not insignificantly the right tools. That is where the Convotherm maxx comes in. It offers you everything you need to be successful. Not too much, not too little. German engineering you can always rely on that is everything you need in the best possible way.

Just what you need.

For the speed and efficiency for cooking and baking you need in a commercial kitchen, the Convotherm maxx delivers the uniform, high quality results guaranteed. With all that you expect from a Convotherm; simple operation with economical operating cost, robust reliability with a long service life. And did we mention - it's incredibly environmentally friendly, saving you more cost in comparison to operating on other combi ovens?

Making more room for efficiency with Convotherm function management

The everyday routine in commercial kitchens is hard work. Variety is a necessity, things always need to go fast, and most importantly, the quality must always be right. With Convotherm four function management features, the Convotherm maxx helps you maintain continuous top performance in assisting you to take over labourious tasks and delivering optimised processes and results.

Find out more about the Convotherm Cmaxx6.10 and Convotherm Cmaxx10.10 combi ovens.

Climate management

Convotherm maxx ensures that every type of baked good or cooked food is reliably given the right amount of moisture, thanks to an exceptionally sophisticated steam saturation control system.

Key Feature Highlights: Self ClimateControl, HumdityPro, Crisp&Tasty

Production management

No matter whether fully automatic or manual mode, single or mixed loads - many intelligent features enable the Convotherm maxx combi steamer to ensure that you maintain a total overview, even with the most complex processes.

Key Feature Highlights: Manual or automatic, Press&Go, Trayview, TrayTimer, Networked cooking

Quality management

The best cooking and baking results obtained from refined sensor technology in automatically controlling air-flow and interaction of steam, hot air and time for every food.

Key Feature Highlights: Airflow management, Crisp&Tasty, BakePro

Cleaning management

Equipped with a fully automatic and especially simple and environmentally friendly cleaning system that is even certified for unattended operation. What’s more, the innovative HygieniCare package provides an extra plus for hygiene in the kitchen.

Convotherm maxx

Cooking functions:

  • Crisp&Tasty - 3 moisture removal settings
  • BakePro - 3 levels of traditional baking
  • HumidityPro - 3 humidity settings
  • Controllable fan - 3 speed settings

  • Press & Go - automatic cooking and baking quick access buttons
  • Electric direct steam system - fast steam generation using direct water injection
  • Additional shelf - 6.10 and 10.10 combi, each with one extra shelf
  • 7-inch TFT HiRes glass touch display with brilliant resolution and simple intuitive operation
  • Integrated cookbook - with 6 different food menu categories and Favourites quick touch access
  • Connectivity - stay connected to your combi with network access via WiFi and LAN
  • Triple glass cooking chamber door - energy efficient and safe
  • LED lighting - Long lasting and bright LED light for optimal lighting in the entire cooking chamber
  • Door slam function - no manual latching required
  • Flexible appliance feet - height adjustable by up to 40mm
  • Hygienic handles - antibacterial coating on all handle surfaces reduces the chance of spread of microorganism

Southern Hospitality Ltd recommends that customers who wish to purchase items such as this oven consult with one of our friendly sales reps, to iron out all of the fine detail that can accompany such purchases, and ensure that you receive the correct model and specifications for your particular needs.

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