Warranty Policy

Southern Hospitality Ltd offers an exclusive 12 month parts and labour warranty on all Products, unless otherwise indicated. This warranty works hand in hand with the regular maintenance and servicing of the equipment. Please ask your sales rep for our recommended procedures in order to make sure your warranty is properly validated.

This requirement includes correct installation and maintenance as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are unsure, please make sure installation and servicing is done by an approved Southern Hospitality Service technician. Any modifications made to equipment or refrigeration will cancel the relevant warranty.

Please note: Domestic equipment is not covered under this warranty for commercial use. For Service and Warranty please call 0800 504 504.

Equipment: Annual servicing and installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please consider surge protection to your equipment and check correct gas flows. These can affect the efficient running of your equipment. For Benchtop Equipment, please note; this is a back to base warranty, and items need to be returned to the branches they were purchased from for repairs.

Refrigeration: Please read the care instructions provided in the manual. Refrigeration requires 6 monthly servicing, sufficient ventilation clearances and installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Stainless Steel: We are proud to offer a 10 year warranty on our Custom Project Stainless and Simply Stainless items. Please follow the care instructions provided with your new Stainless steel. Use of excessive force and the incorrect cleaning chemicals can lead to damage which will not be covered under warranty.

Furniture: Detailed care instructions will be supplied with your furniture products. Please note that all furniture is specified as indoor or outdoor, incorrect handling will affect any warranty claims. Please use the correct recommended cleaning procedures and chemicals. Harsh cleaning chemicals can easily damage your new furniture.

You can find our warranty form here.