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Wusthof Steel 26cm

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Product Features

Dimensions: 260mm

Honing with regular use, any knife will lose its "bite". Every edge has many very fine "teeth" which are bent to both sides of the blade after a certain time of cutting on a hard surface (you can´t see that with your eyes - only under a microscope).

Using a WUSTHOF sharpening steel will realign these teeth and keep the edge sharp for a long time of cooking enjoyment. The fine surface will bring out an even finer edge than the regular steel but it does need to be used more often as well.

WÜSTHOF knives are forged from a single blank of high carbon no-stain steel, a specially alloyed steel. In 40 major manufacturing steps from forging to tempering, to grinding and polishing, the WÜSTHOF knives are created. Quality MADE IN GERMANY / Solingen.

Wüsthof technology offers superior sharpness

  • Extremely high initial cutting performance.
  • Exceptionally long edge retention / long service life of blade.
  • Optimum cutting edge along the entire length of the blade.
  • Unique, consistently high and reproducible quality.

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