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Luigi Bormioli Atelier Wine Glass 440ml
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glasses per carton
Sold in cartons of 24 glasses
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Capacity: 440ml Wine Glass

With a very contemporary design, the shape of this Atelier glass has been designed to emphasise the subtleties and nuances of different wine styles. High-tech SON.hyx crystal glass produces incredible clarity and almost 100% true wine colours, strength and the ability to withstand up to 4000 cycles in a dishwasher.

SON.hyx crystal glass:

  • Lead-free high-tech blown crystal glass.
  • Incredible durability along with exceptional clarity, ensures maximum return on investment.
  • Now with Titanium reinforced stems
  • Absolute transparency with high sonority index.
  • Dishwasher safe to over 4000 industrial wash cycles.
  • 105% increase in resistance to mechanical shock
  • 38% increase in resistance to rim chipping

Bormioli Luigi is a specialized glass factory that manufactures high quality containers for perfume and alcoholic beverages, as well as tableware in superior crystal glass.

Following in the steps of timeless tradition, the Bormioli family continues to uphold the ever topical and fascinating challenge inspired by the art of glass-making.

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