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Beldos Bakery Depositors, Pumps and Slicers

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Streamline and speed up production with Beldos' innovative range of baking equipment.

Beldos is a leading designer and manufacturer of depositors, transfer pumps and cake equipment for bakeries and food manufacturers all over the world. The company was founded in 2001 in Belgium by Rudy Van der Linden, who is a highly innovative designer and an engineer. Here is their story...

Rudy Van der Linden wanted to combine his knowledge of confectionery with his know-how of electromechanics which resulted in establishment of the Filler Systems Europe Company in 1996. Rudy imported depositors and sold them to companies all over Europe.

After seeing that there was room for improvement in the industry he started his own design and production company of depositors in 2001. Rudy’s experience in bakery business, understanding of the baker’s needs and perfect technical knowledge make it possible to produce unique equipment.

To this day, Beldos' innovation is making waves in the baking industry. Their products continue to streamline the mass production of baking, preparing, and presenting baking goods for the general public.

Affordable depositing, injecting, decorating, transferring and slicing solutions. For your fast, clean & easy production!

These products are custom made for large manufacturers and retailers of baking products. Southern Hospitality will work with you to sort out your needs. Please get in touch with us at 0800 503 335 or [email protected].

We, at Southern Hospitality, are proud to represent the innovative and user friendly Beldos range of products in New Zealand.

The Mini-Fill Electric range

Bellos' Mini-Fill Electric Range is their smallest product. They are compact and designed for the depositing, injection, layering and decoration of baking goods such as muffins, éclairs, and doughnuts.

You can get these in 8L or 15L capacity and with the option of 60Watt, 100Watt and 230Watt. Each watt determines the viscosity of the product that these depositors deposit. For example, if you get a 60 Watt dispenser you can only produce soft products such as cream. If you get the 230W you can product soft, semi-heavy, heavy and aerated products.

These fillers can perform up to 50 deposits a minute and you can choose between filling on 3ml to 5000ml. The body is made out of food approved synthetic material and the filling rods are made from stainless steel.


  • Cavier, Cake Butter, Cakes, Fruit, Muffins, Mousses, Desserts, Fruit Filling, Injections, Pastry, Cupcakes, Tartlets, Soup, Meat Fillings, Deli Salads, Mashed Potatoes, Sauces, Tart, Quiche, Pie Fillings and Ice Cream.

Here is a video demonstrating this one of a kind product.

Belpump-lift 1050 Transfer Pump

The Belpump-lift 1050 Transfer Pump is one of Beldos' largest products. It is a stainless steel pump for easy, gentle transfer of products from the mixing bowl into the depositor's hopper. It is designed to transfer only pourable products such as cake batter, fruit filling, jellies, mousses and creams.

The Belpump lift operates at a speed of 12-65 I/min. The speed depends on the viscosity of the product pumped through the machine. Denser products may take longer and therefore less product may be pumped out. The speed is made possible by the air specs. The machine has an air pressure of 158I/min; 7 bar / 102PSI, making this product one of the most efficient transfer pumps on the market. This product is designed to be used with the mini-fill dispensers.

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  • Cake Butter, Fruit, Mousses, Cup Cakes, Soup, Cakes, Muffins, Desserts, Pastry, Tartlets, Sauces, Tart, Quiche & Pie Fillings.

Here is a video demonstrating how it pumps product.

Belslice Press-SlicerBelslice Press-Slicer

Slice cakes at ease with Beldos' most efficient cake slicer. Slicing 20 big cakes every minute, you can multiply your output, and productively increase profits. This machine is perfect for horizontally cutting sponge cakes. It is perfect for making cakes with various tiers. You can customise your cake by adjusting the height of the cutting blades - maximum of 5 blades per machine and you can adjust them in 5mm steps.

The Belslice is made of stainless steel and operates on with 220V single phase, 50/60Hz, 0.5kW.


  • Cakes, Dessert, Pastries

This is a one of a kind product, here is a video below demonstrating the Belslice Press Slicer.

These three products highlight the unique nature of the Beldos range of bakery equipment. They have a broad range of custom-engineered depositors, syrup spraying systems and ice/decorating equipment. Get in contact with us if you have any questions about Beldos' unique range of baking products at 0800 503 335 or [email protected].