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Arcoroc Trianon Mug
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mugs in a carton
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Capacity: 290ml

  • High Shock Resistance - Up to 3 times more shock-resistant than porcelain: the secret of its unbeatable durability.
  • Thermal Shock Resistant - Opal Glass products are resistant to variations in temperature of 135°C : they can thus be removed from the oven (or from a salamander) and placed directly in cold water without the risk of breakage.
  • 2000 Commercial Dishwashing Cycles - Fade-resistant surface and pattern, even after 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles.
  • Heat Management - As efficient in keeping food hot as other materials such as porcelain.
  • Microwave Safe - Can be safely handled after microwave use.
  • Perfectly Non-Porous - 100% Opal, 0% porosity. 100% protection against bacterias.

Banquets are important events for your customers and your savoir-faire is on par with their level of expectation. For the biggest events, simultaneity in service is a truly spectacular performance. ARCOROC draws from its expertise in event and reception service to offer collections that combine elegance with a high level of technical performance. Resistant materials such as Zénix, Opale, and tempered glass, light and stackable items, and expanded ranges help you provide fast and high-quality service.

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