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Arcoroc Princesa Flute 160ml
$4.31 per flute plus GST

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Arcoroc Glassware

Arcoroc Princesa Flute 160ml

  • Capacity: 160ml
  • Max Width: 61 mm - 2 3/8”
  • Max Height: 196 mm - 7 5/8”
    Price above is for one glass. Sold in carton quantities only.

Multi-purpose and extremely strong, the Princesa range in tempered glass will unlock your creativity. You can use it with the Margarita and Martini cocktail glasses to create harmonious style.

Extra Resistant, from Tempering (toughening process): For professionals, breakage problems are a regular occurrence. In order to increase the lifetime of product by 10 to 50 times, in 1958 our research and development department developed, and since then has perfected a technical process known as Tempering.

This process provides products with excellent resistance to Thermal shock (severe temperature change) and Mechanical shock (bangs & crashes). Many of our Arcoroc items are fully Tempered, as indicated in their descriptions.

Arcoroc has designed collections in collaboration with mixologists from the world over to create special products that will set you apart from competition and keep pace with the latest trends. Thanks to its wide variety of products, Arcoroc is a go-to provider of bar service solutions.

For your creative modern mixes, opt for its "upcycled" offer featuring cocktail glasses and margarita that will whisk you back in the 1920s. Arcoroc offers ergonomic styles and shapes to help you provide faster service, stackable glassware to save storage space, and ultra-resistant products that will bear up to the breakneck pace of service during happy hour and evening shifts.

ARCOROC has been creating effective, durable tableware products since 1958. Their expertise is unique. It's down to their devoted, demanding teams, who place material innovation and design at the heart of our development.

Armed with its know-how in glassware, it developed globally and currently markets its complete tableware ranges to more than 160 countries.

What Do You Think Is The No. 1 Reason Glassware Breaks? Being dropped? No. Clanking against another object? No, but close. Find out more.

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