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Victorinox 200mm Plastic Handle French Chef Knife
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Product Features

Dimensions: 200mm

  • Swiss made French chefs knife, suitable for carving all kinds of meat
  • Bread knife with a straight edge
  • Fibrox professional knives are characterized by their high-quality materials and ergonomic design
  • High carbon no stain steel – providing maximum sharpness and edge retention.
  • Ice tempered to create a hardened blade that will sustain its sharpness longer and give desired effect when re-sharpened.
  • Handle is sterilisable up to 150°C, complying with the use of HACCP
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weighs 212g
  • Ergonomic and anti-slip handle made of fibrox.
  • Stainless steel blade

Ergonomically Designed Carving Knife

A great all-rounder. The Fibrox Carving Knife from the professional line of knives by Victorinox is prized by home cooks and professional chefs alike for its comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handle and for the optimal weight and balance its extra wide blade delivers. With a razor-sharp edge that rarely requires sharpening, this knife promises both ease and efficiency when slicing cooked and grilled meat or larger foods.

Here is a video on the range of Victorinox knives

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Victorinox Fibrox Knives Collection

  • Ergonomic, Non-slip, safe.
  • Exceptionally long service life
  • Easy to sharpen

Fibrox knives combine all the features that are important for professional use. The product line will also appeal to the growing number of amateur cooks who value high-quality equipment.

Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.

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