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Unbleached Recycled Cocktail Serviettes
$6.98 per pack plus GST

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packs of 500 napkins each
Sold in cartons of 12 packs
In Stock
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Bleach Free Kraft Eco Choice Cocktail Napkin - 1 Ply 1/4 fold

  • Dimensions: 240 x 240mm
  • Quantity: 500 sheets per pack
    Sold in carton lots only

Since 1989, Sharp Serviettes has grown to become the market leader in New Zealand. These products have become recognised and recommended in the hospitality industry nationwide.

Not bad for a humble serviette, huh?

You really can make a difference if you try. 900 kilos of recycled paper can save all of the precious resources listed above and if that’s not enough, recycled paper produces 55% less air and water pollution than paper made from virgin wood.

So you’ll understand how justifiably proud we are of Sharp Serviettes Eco-Choice 100% recycled serviettes. Boasting performance that’s second to none in an attractive range of iconic New Zealand designs by Grant Hanna, we're certain that your customers will love them.

The “Kraft” grade produced is a 100% recovered paper based product. One of its major constituent is the old corrugated carton (OCC), in addition to old news papers (ONP) and mixed office waste (MOW). The dominant presence of the OCC is the reason behind the friendly warm shade of the Kraft products.

OCC is the recovered form of pre-consumer or post-consumer carton, used mainly for the fabrication of folding boxes. The fibres used originally in the production of carton are normally of the Unbleached Softwood Kraft (UBSK) type. By not bleaching the pulp, the resulting fibre retains its original colour which is light brown. The kraft pulping process in conjunction with the high fibre length of the softwood fibre are responsible for giving the carton based product made from OCC, its typical strength. This is the reason why the “kraft” line has been particularly successful as serviette and towel products.

The paper industry has been recovering and reusing waste paper for decades at steadily increasing rate and depending on its geographical location, it could be considered as the most important fibrous raw material for many mills.

Sharp Serviettes is New Zealand’s leading supplier and manufacturer of quality paper serviettes.

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