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Matfer Bourgeat Stainless Steel Compact Stockpot

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HM32 Matfer Bourgeat Stainless Steel 7.0L Compact Stockpot
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HM33 Matfer Bourgeat Stainless Steel 8.6L Compact Stockpot
$222.41 plus GST
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HM34 Matfer Bourgeat Stainless Steel 17.0LCompact Stockpot
$280.49 plus GST
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This pot is made in France by Bourgeat. The handles are attached using an annular weld, exclusive to Bourgeat. The weld allows for easy cleaning having no angles or corners and comes with a lifetime warranty. The handle is also water tight, another important safety feature. Bourgeat “Excellence” range is NF and NSF hygiene approved. Handles are attached using a unique annular weld. They are suitable for all heat sources including induction.

The lid for this product is sold separately - view the stainless steel lid that goes with this product.


  • 7.0L: 24cm high
  • 8.6L: 28cm high
  • 17L: 32cm high

Matfer Bourgeat is a 100% French Industrial group that has become the reference for professional kitchens and laboratories in just 200 years.

This family group that combines tradition and innovation is now world leader in its sector.Its comprehensive expertise covers kitchens, dining areas, meal preparation, and distribution which are fully complementary. This offering includes over 16,000 products (in addition to custom-made products), combining breadth and depth of ranges, and is a real strength giving the Group recognition as a specialist on the six markets in which it operates.

The Group is customer-focused and organisation is structured around their specific needs. Each sector: Food trade, Conventional and Luxury Hotels and Catering, school, hospital, or workplace catering is studied and specific and tailored solutions are proposed.

  • Unequalled robustness
  • Design that combines cooking performance with ergonomics
  • Suitable for all heat sources. COOKING
  • Optimized cooking by uniform heat conduction in skirt and base.
  • May be used on any available heat source. HYGIENE
  • Handles are perfectly watertight (no risk of bacteria development)
  • The angle at the base and area around the handle are designed for easy cleaning.

Top Features

  1. Special stainless steel body.
  2. Sandwich aluminum base bottom with shape memory.
  3. Base covered with metallic stainless steel disk for induction.
  4. Reinforced edge
  5. Handles are insulated stainless steel tube and “stay cool” to prevent heat diffusing.
  6. French standard NF and US NSF Approved.

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