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Lucaris Aerlumer Desire Wine Glass 485ml
$8.88 per glass plus GST

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glasses per carton
Sold in cartons of 24 glasses
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Capacity: 485ml Wine Glass

Passion creates perfection - The art of vinification goes beyond traditional mastery. It's the affection, that brings wine lovers, and glassmakers together to co-create an exquisite crystal stemware. Every single glass is uncompromisingly clear and brilliant, co-designed and co-created by Lucaris and the Hong Kong Sommelier Association.

Aerlumer - Encourages micro-oxidation and softens the wine while swirling as it allows diversified interaction between wine and air, intentionally subtle to avoid effects when discovering colors of wines. The bottom curl lines at the bowl makes for an unprecedented appreciation experiences.

Lucaris glasswareware has been meticulously designed and crafted to the smallest details, to ensure the highest in functionality and aesthetic quality that evoke all senses, meeting the demands of wine lovers and food service professionals.

The design of Lucaris glassware and accessories is a collaborative achievement between Ocean Glass, Toyo-Sasaki Glass and Martin Ballendat, a multiple award-winning German designer whose works appear in portfolios of many world class brands.

  • Fine Rim - Laser cut rim provides elegance, and refine visual sensory.
  • Colorless & Transparent Glass - Absolute colorlessness and transparency of the glass allows wine to express its true visual characteristics.
  • Oversize Bowl - Special oversize bowl enables the wine to develop its tastes and aromas to the fullest.
  • Seamless Stem - Smooth & seamless stem gives premium sensation to wine sensory.
  • Flat Base - Flat base provides greater stability and breakage resistance.
  • New lead-free crystal glass composition, with physical aesthetics comparable to conventional lead crystal
  • Exceptional clarity and brilliance, with extra strength & durability

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