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Kopa Type 400SW Charcoal Oven on Cabinet Base with Wheels

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Kopa Type 400S commercial charcoal grill oven is the middle and most popular Kopa model and is intended for middle-sized restaurants that base their menu on grilled food. Type 400S offers enough space for two coal barbecue grill racks and allows for different dishes to be simultaneously prepared on two levels. This commercial barbecue grill is suitable for restaurants with up to 90 seats.

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Kopa 400SW Commercial Charcoal Oven And Barbecue Grill

The charcoal oven Kopa 400SW is an upgrade of the basic model and features an added stand with a storage cabinet in the same colour as the bbq outdoor grill. It can be used to store charcoal, a poker, dishes and pans, additional grates and racks and other necessary equipment. The added wheels make the charcoal oven outdoor grill a mobile unit suitable for attending events and for grilling in front of guests inside the restaurant or outdoors.

Charcoal ovens are very poplar now a days. With them, you can prepare almost any type of food – from delicious pizzas to stakes with the perfect smoky aroma. Kopa charcoal oven type 400SW is one of the most popular models of Kopa ovens with BBQ grill. The charcoal oven type 400SW offers enough space for two coal barbecue grill racks and allows for different dishes to be simultaneously prepared on two levels. The charcoal oven contains built-in ash pan, grease tray and heat-resistant stainless steel handle. Kopa charcoal oven construction is very durable.

Mostly, charcoal ovens are made of stainless steel, which ensures long-term use. In addition, operating with charcoal ovens is very easy. The temperature is regulated with two hatches that are opened and closed when needed. With Kopa charcoal oven cooking in your kitchen will become more effective as well as cost-friendly, due to low energy consumption of the charcoal oven. Take a look at the charcoal oven construction which will ensure a long life span of the oven and choose your favourite type of the oven.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Coloured front panel
  • 600°C Kopa analogue thermometer
  • Built-in ash pan
  • Grease tray
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel handle
  • 2 stainless steel grill racks
  • Fully adjustable air regulator
  • Closed stand with shelf


  • Weight: 212kg
  • Grill Rack size: 530 x 570mm
  • Capacity: 90 covers - 20kg / hour capacity
  • Working temperature: 250 - 350 °C
  • Av. daily charcoal cons.: 5 - 8kg
  • Power: 4.5kW
  • Exhaust rate: 2.900 m3/h 
  • Max. smoke flow: 7.2 g/s
  • Dimensions: 712mmW x 697mmD x 1930mmH (incl firebreak hood)
  • Weight: 212kg

Standard Equipment

  • Firebreak
  • Firebreak Hood
  • Grill Rack 2x
  • Kopa Tong
  • Ash Drawer
  • Optional Equipment
    • Additional Grill Rack
    • Additional Tong
    • Brush

You can pair this Charcoal oven with brush and tongs that have been made specifically for this product.

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