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Cobra CW1H 600mm Gas Waterless Wok

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EMC139 Cobra CW1H-D 600mm Gas Waterless Wok with 1 Duckbill Burner - LP Gas

was $4,110.00

$3,205.80 plus GST
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EMC208 Cobra CW1H-C 600mm Gas Waterless Wok with 1 Chimney Burner - Natural Gas

was $4,110.00

$3,205.80 plus GST
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EMC329 Cobra CW1H-D 600mm Gas Waterless Wok with 1 Duckbill Burner - Natural Gas

was $4,110.00

$3,205.80 plus GST
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Powerful, the Cobra Series of commercial cooking equipment is the solution for those who demand reliability and capability. Simple sophistication shines by combining refined styling with power and versatility. Cobra creates space for the creativity to fuse ethnic influences with firm favourites to keep pace with the ever-change restaurant business.

Whether it’s a la carte dining in a sleek contemporary restaurant, fusion, Asian inspired dining, an edgy urban cafe, food trucks or any takeaway eatery - Cobra provides functionality and flexibility in your line-up.

New & Improved Cobra Range

A fresh and functional gallery of cooking products with refined robust controls, contemporary vitreous enamel colour control panel and heavy-duty construction - affordability is not compromised with Cobra.

An expansion of Western cooking appliances now includes new bench models for Cobra commercial cooktops and barbecues that are perfect for additional cooking flexibility to any existing commercial kitchens. Infuse fusion flavours with Cobra’s Asian cooking equipment and further extend your cooking line with our suite matching woks and stockpots - all backed by our ‘made in New Zealand’ robust and durable heritage.

Manufactured in New Zealand Cobra woks delivers a robust, long-lasting surface thanks to a welded full-frame chassis construction with a double skin wok deck. These models do not require any water to cool the wok deck, increasing energy efficiency and reduction of steam.

All Cobra woks have a compact 800mm dept and available in 600, 1200 and 1800mm width in single wok burner, two or 3 wok hole options. Chef's have their level of choice in choosing their burner configuration - 95MJ/hr chimney burner or an impressive 105MJ/hr duckbill burner.


  • 800mm compact depth
  • Cobra suite matching
  • Waterless wok deck
  • 14” wok hole
  • High splashback with shelf
  • Water folding laundry arm on splashback
  • Rear waste channel
  • Stainless steel spill tray
  • Lift out wok ring
  • Flame failure protection with pilot burner
  • Duckbill burner - 105 MJ/hr 18 jet for Natural gas | 85MJ/hr 18 jet for LP gas
  • Chimney burner - 95 MJ/hr 24 jet
  • Overall Construction
    • Full chassis construction
    • Double skin insulated wok deck
    • Stainless steel exterior finish
    • Heavy-duty cast iron wok rings (removable)
    • Stainless steel spill tray
    • 63mm dia. stainless steel legs with adjustable feet
  • Controls
    • Pilot On/Off control with flame failure valve
    • Main burner On/Off valve with High-Low burner adjustment
    • Quarter turn main burner control handles
    • Quarter turn water valve handle
  • Cleaning and Servicing
    • Stainless steel exterior finish
    • Lift out wok rings for full cleaning ability
    • Slide out spill tray
    • Rear waste channel with removable grate for debris collection
    • Access to all parts from front and top for servicing


  • Burners
    • CW1H-C - 95MJ/hr 24 jet Chimney burner
    • CW1H-D - 105MJ/hr 18 jet Duckbill burner
    • (NZ - LP gas rating 85 MJ/hr)
  • Wok size: 14” wok ring
  • Suits woks 40-60cm / 16-24”
  • Gas connection
    • R3/4 (BSP) male each wok hole
    • 506mm for rear, 506mm from floor, 68mm from RH side
  • All units supplied with Natural LP gas regulators for each wok connection
  • Supplied gas regulators include Test Point for appliance operating pressure
  • Supplied regulator(s) must be fitted to each appliance gas connection when installed

Types of wok burners

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