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C & S Cabernet Flute 160ml
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CS Cabernet Flute 160ml

Capacity: 160 ml Flute

Cabernet: An international star. The most cultivated vine in the world and star of Bordeaux has lent its name to Chef&Sommelier's Cabernet collection. The elegance of a classic design, adds sparkle and outstanding durability to proceedings. Pair with the Primary tumblers and the specially designed cocktail collection.

Introducing Krysta™: The High Performance Crystal Glass.

Gastronomy professionals are searching for glasses that satisfy their needs in terms of perfection and sophistication.

Their Desire: Splendidly elegant table settings with fine, lightweight, extremely transparent products.

Their professional needs: Intensive daily use requires products that are highly resistant to shocks and detergents.

To meet these twin challenges of aesthetic excellence and resistance, all C&S glassware is now produced in Krysta™, a new generation of lead-free crystal.

Superior Strength

The Arc Research Centre has developed a crystalline material, Krysta™, combining superior strength with exceptional finesse.

Lip: With a thickness of 1mm, Krysta™ is 30% stronger than other standard crystal in the market.

Stem: Thin stems (~6mm in diameter) have twice the mechanical resistance when crafted of Krysta™.

Chef and Sommelier's designers do not follow trends: they use them as inspirations and jumping-off points when creating the Chef&Sommelier collections. Their designs are at the leading edge of refinement and performance, featuring the most innovative technology and materials.

Chef&Sommelier has partnered with committed professionals who use their expertise to make their product lines even better. Their collaborations deliver the excellence demanded by creative professionals like you.

Design process - Designers are perpetually in creative mode. They find inspiration in everything: trends, art and even modes of consumption.

Factory - A magical combination of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech, that is how Chef&Sommelier achieves the desired level of excellence.

Laboratory - Products are tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards for heat resistance, durability and colour-fastness.

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