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Arcoroc Opal Restaurant White Stacking Mug
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Capacity: 250ml

The Opal range by Arcoroc is made from Fully Tempered, Break and Chip Extra Resistant Glass but offers the benefits and appearance of porcelain, whilst providing unique protection against bacteria.

  • High Shock Resistance - Up to 3 times more shock-resistant than porcelain: the secret of its unbeatable durability.
  • Thermal Shock Resistant - Opal Glass products are resistant to variations in temperature of 135°C : they can thus be removed from the oven (or from a salamander) and placed directly in cold water without the risk of breakage.
  • 2000 Commercial Dishwashing Cycles - Fade-resistant surface and pattern, even after 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles.
  • Heat Management - As efficient in keeping food hot as other materials such as porcelain.
  • Microwave Safe - Can be safely handled after microwave use.
  • Perfectly Non-Porous - 100% Opal, 0% porosity. 100% protection against bacterias.

Banquets are important events for your customers and your savoir-faire is on par with their level of expectation. For the biggest events, simultaneity in service is a truly spectacular performance. ARCOROC draws from its expertise in event and reception service to offer collections that combine elegance with a high level of technical performance. Resistant materials such as Zénix, Opale, and tempered glass, light and stackable items, and expanded ranges help you provide fast and high-quality service.

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