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Adventys GL2 6000F Induction Benchtop Large Two Zone Burner

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Adventys 2 zones countertop induction burner is a simple, innovative and effective way to cook food induction style. Its light and compact making it easy to put on benchtops or tucked away in the corner of your commercial kitchen.

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  • External Structure: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Surface: Vitroceramic Top Glass
  • Control Panel: Glass Touches
  • Amp Load: (x2) 13A
  • Power Supply: Cable without a plug for single-phase or three-phase connection. See spec sheet for various setting and power (watt) for each zone.
  • Details & Options: Including a power cord & washable filter
  • Functions: (x2) On/Off, front/back zone, manual power setting (+/-) and timer control with 2 digits display (works for both power and timer)

Adventys, based in Burgundy, France, develops and manufactures kitchen equipment with induction technology for hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses. Their expertise, research and development team and their integrated process define Adventys and its objectives to give our customers the best induction solution. Thanks to their integrated manufacturing process, they are able to create custom-made products and answer your requests: specific dimensions, look & design, and power.

Induction Cooking 

Induction cooking is the way of the future, many chefs recommend cooking induction because it cooks the vessel electrically by magnetic induction, instead of by radiation or thermal conduction from electrical heating elements. Induction cooking locks in flavour by heating food up faster and smoother. instantaneous heating leaves you with the control of how your food is cooked.

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