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Temuka Pottery Potter's Mark Deep Plate 27cm Layered Grey
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Temuka Pottery

Dimensions: 27cm

Each shape has been designed and made by hand, the original piece is then moulded for production. This process allows each piece to keep the uniqueness of handmade crockery. This product is vitrified at over 1200ºC with the usual benefits of edge strength and chip resistance.

Temuka's artisans apply the glazes by hand creating the layered and textured effects. These designs are not only just reflective of the current fashion but they are the trend setters themselves without compromising on the quality of the ceramics themselves.

Potter's Mark - This contemporary dinner ware collection echoes the way the potter's hand moves over the clay to form the work. Potter's Mark, first released in 2017, is a collection of dinnerware with a true connection to the potter. Styled with spiralling finger marks on the clay's surface these works are faithfully reproduced keeping that handcrafted feel.

Layered Grey is a craftsman's glaze designed to highlight the character of the Potter's Mark Collection. 

The range is fully commercial - vitrified with edge strength chip resistance, heat retention, and resistance to dishwasher chemicals and oven heat, so is well suited for the food service industry (cafes, restaurants, bars and more).

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