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Libbey Radiant DOF Glass 355ml

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Libbey Glassware

Libbey Radiant Double Old Fashioned Glass

  • Capacity: 355ml
  • Height: 10.7 cm 
  • Top Diameter: 8.9 cm 

Radiant. Cutting a finer figure.

The brilliantly cut star, the wide silver diamond cut band that frames the pattern, the thickness of the glass and its elegant looks: everything about Radiant says Vintage.

The design of the Radiant glasses dates way back to the early 19th Century and was first introduced by Libbey in 1920. Following decades out of production, in 2015 we adapted some details in the design and reintroduced this fine range of glassware to the world. Before you could say ‘ageless elegance can’t be kept out of the limelight forever’, Radiant had found its way back into bars around the globe. Where its dazzling design captures both the room’s light and the customer’s attention.

Coming as both a D.O.F. and a Cooler, Radiant is ideal for a wide variety of beverages. Whether you serve a digestive, a cocktail or a soda, the star pattern radiates the complete range of prismatic colors. Giving your customers not just a drink, but an experience.

Multi-use and amazing differentiated presentation of the latest cocktails. Pour lines increase the accuracy of the drink recipe. Fine wines to giant beers. Whatever foodservice professionals are serving, Libbey® has the glassware for ideal presentations. If you've ever sipped from a glass, odds are you've had your lips on Libbey.

For almost two centuries, Libbey has been known as the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality glass tableware, especially in the North American market.

Libbey hails originally from East Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the New England Glass Company which was founded in 1818. In 1888, Edward Drummond Libbey, son of the first corporate owner, William, moved the company to Toledo, Ohio. The Northwest Ohio area offered abundant natural gas resources and access to large deposits of high-quality sand. The rest, as they say, is history.

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