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C & S Primary White Hiball Glass 360ml

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C&S Primary Hiball Glass 360ml

Capacity: 360ml

Colour: White Matt

Chef&Sommelier - The perfect line for paring

A roaring success. Tumblers in the Primary collection have a delicate and rounded tulip shape, enveloped in a perfect sparkle. On the table, they stand out with a contemporary character, perfect for serving water and soft drinks. 

The large 36 cl glass completes the range of three glasses. Its tall size harmoniously pairs with the large stemmed glasses from collections such as Cabernet, Grands Cépages and Oenologue Expert.

Introducing Krysta™: The High Performance Crystal Glass.

Gastronomy professionals are searching for glasses that satisfy their needs in terms of perfection and sophistication.

Their Desire: Splendidly elegant table settings with fine, lightweight, extremely transparent products.

Their professional needs: Intensive daily use requires products that are highly resistant to shocks and detergents.

To meet these twin challenges of aesthetic excellence and resistance, all C&S glassware is now produced in Krysta™, a new generation of lead-free crystal.

Superior Strength

The Arc Research Centre has developed a crystalline material, Krysta™, combining superior strength with exceptional finesse.

Lip: With a thickness of 1mm, Krysta™ is 30% stronger than other standard crystal in the market.

Stem: Thin stems (~6mm in diameter) have twice the mechanical resistance when crafted of Krysta™.

Chef and Sommelier's designers do not follow trends: they use them as inspirations and jumping-off points when creating the Chef&Sommelier collections. Their designs are at the leading edge of refinement and performance, featuring the most innovative technology and materials.

Chef&Sommelier has partnered with committed professionals who use their expertise to make their product lines even better. Their collaborations deliver the excellence demanded by creative professionals like you.

Design process - Designers are perpetually in creative mode. They find inspiration in everything: trends, art and even modes of consumption.

Factory - A magical combination of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech, that is how Chef&Sommelier achieves the desired level of excellence.

Laboratory - Products are tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards for heat resistance, durability and colour-fastness.

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