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Temuka Pottery Wave Pourer Jug 140ml Mushroom

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Capacity: 140ml

Our Wave style features undulating circular corrugations formed in the clay. Layered glazes respond to these ribs, throwing highlights and character where its pulled from the edge during firing, creating the appearance of a rim around the plate or bowl. This pooling of the thick glaze produces the random and unique characters of hand-crafted ceramics.

Mushroom glaze resembles a spotty textured brown mushroom. We also offer Temuka Pottery custom-made to your own glaze colour, subject only to a minimum order quantity of just 24 and delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

Temuka ware is made from porcelain which is fully vitrified. This makes it very strong as well as preventing it absorbing moisture even if it is not covered by glaze. Each shape has been designed and made by hand, the original piece is then moulded for production. This process allows each piece to keep the uniqueness of handmade crockery.

The glazes on Temuka ware are fired at the same time as the porcelain to 1200 Deg.C. This ensures that they are as hard and as durable as it is possible to make them, and they become part of the porcelain. Because of this and the absence of water absorption the glazes will not craze in normal conditions.

Craft pottery produced in small batch sizes will also give variations in finished size. Measurements described are nominal and corresponding stock can finish at +/- 10mm.

The range is fully commercial - vitrified with edge strength chip resistance, heat retention, and resistance to dishwasher chemicals and oven heat, so is well suited for the food service industry (cafes, restaurants, bars and more).

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