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Heatmax Portable Stainless Gas Heater
$1,485.00 plus GST

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The Heatmax Radiant Gas Patio Heater©

It is easy to light and has a highly efficient infra-red gas burner which heats objects and not empty spaces. It is uneconomical when outdoors to attempt to heat large volumes of air as conventional patio heaters do. The air simply blows away.

It is cleanburning and can be used indoors and under cover because the gas burns on a ceramic plate, with surplus gas burning a second time, so there are no harmful emissions.

With 40 hours of burn time from a 9kg gas bottle, it is thereforefour times more efficient and it will operate on ¼ the amount of gas that is used by a conventional patio heater. It is highly affordable as the savings in gas quickly pays for the heater. It is the only eco-friendly responsible gas heating choice, greatly contributing to a reduction in the carbon footprint.

It will operate on an 18kg bottle if required, which doubles the burn time and makes for longer use between fills. It has sturdy rubber wheels to make it truly portable and, if required can be conveniently positioned out of the way on the periphery of the area to be heated.

  • High Performance
  • Cutting Edge Design
  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • 18kg Bottle Option
  • Four times more cost effective than conventional patio heaters
  • The responsible eco-friendly heating choice
  • No dangerous or unsightly cords
  • Operating on LPG or mains gas and constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, the Heatmax gas patio heater is a state of the art product, superior in design and efficiency to any other portable heater currently on the market.
Conventional Heater
Heatmax Radiant Gas Patio Heater
  • Operates for 40 hours on 4 x 9kg gas bottles @ $30.00 + gst per fill = $120.00 + gst
  • Operates for 40 hours on 1 x 9kg bottle @ $30.00 + gst
  • Operates for 80 hours on 1 x 18kg bottle at $56.00 + gst
  • Cost per hour: $3.33 + gst
  • Cost per hour: 70 cents + gst
  • Heat Source: Atmospheric gas burner
  • Heat Source: Highly efficient infrared burner
  • Heat Reflection: Downward focus
  • Heat Reflection: Side spread
  • Unit Positioning: Centralised position
  • Unit Positioning: On periphery (out of the way)
  • Safety Shut Off: Tilt switch cutoff
  • Safety Shut Off: Tilt switch cutoff
  • Bottle Size: 9 kg
  • Bottle Size: 9kg / 12kg / 18kg
  • Bottle Refill: 40-80 hr
  • Bottle Refill: 40-80 hr
  • Running Costs: $3.79 per hour
  • Running Costs: 64cents per hour
  • Emissions: High level of pollution
  • Emissions: .0001 emissions

Additional Benefits:

  • Out of traffic area. Handy side bench.
  • Cost recovery due to high efficiency