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Hold & Transport

These products are designed to move product  efficiently and effectively to their destination in a compact manor. We have Alto-Shaam holding cabinets, plastic holding systems from Cabmro and We have a specifc range of ScanBox holding and transport cabinets. Each of these products have their own features and benefits.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at WebOrders@SouthernHospitality.co.nz

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  1. Scanbox Ergo Line Duo AC7+H7 Food2Go Mobile System
    $18,070.64 plus GST

    The ScanBox food transport carts are elegant, versa­tile and lightweight. Some of them are in fact half the weight of comparable competing products. They are nevertheless designed for "heavy-duty". All our carts, including the high capacity Duo varieties, are very easy to operate and transport. ScanBox products are developed and built-in Sweden to the very highest standards. 

    If you are not sure if this is the right product for you, give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at WebOrders@SouthernHospitality.co.nz and we will help you choose based on your needs.

    Food2Go Duo AC7+H7 is a mobile serving platform for cook-serve applications from ScanBox. A perfect product for catering firms, hospitals, schools among others that need versatile all-in-one products for transporting, holding and serving meals.

    The robust and lightweight construction assures easy manoeuvrability and durability. ScanBox unique Temp-Stop technology, combined LED-displays for controlling all temperatures, adjustable steam ventilation, detachable racks, central brake system and intuitive one-grip handles are some of the many standard features. Installation is made in seconds and only requires a single phase power connection. The wide option list allows you to configure your Food2Go unit to suit your specific needs.

    Food2Go Duo AC7+H7 is a combination of one compressor cooled and one heated compartment positioned side by side. The unit transports plates, single-portions, as well as GN containers. The spacious top surface fits up to three full-size GN 1/1 containers with two GN 1/1 built-in ceramic heating plates to assure maintained temperatures during food service.

    Your choice of color (Black, Red or Grey) is at no extra cost and by using the ScanBox signature concept you can apply corporate branding to create your own unique look.


    • Anodized aluminium interior
    • Rack - Detachable laser-cut U-shaped runners in SST
    • Exterior - Fibreglass plastic and aluminium profiles
    • Chassis - One Grip Handle as an option.
    • Digital display with temperature reached the indicator
    • Open and close adjustable ventilation to adjust the moisture level
    • Tray stop protects from door scratches and trays moving
    • Runner tilt stop provides extra safety when loading/unloading the box
    • 160mm double bearing casters (2 fixed, 2 swivels with brake)
    • Ergonomic handles


    • Dimensions (Outer): 780mmW x 1320mmD x 1357mmH
    • Dimensions (Inner): 330mmW x Cold:596/Hot:553mmD x 576mmH
    • Capacity: 7.7x 1/1GN
    • Distance Between Runners: 80mm
    • Max Loading Capacity / Runner: 9kg
    • Volume in litres: 113L Cold / 105L Hot
    • Weight: 140 kg
    • Heating:
      • Heating Element: Yes
      • Temperature Range: Up to 90°C
    • Active Cooling:
      • Compressor Cooling: Yes
      • Temperature Range: +3°C to +10°C
    • Total Electricity Consumption: 864W / 4.23A
    • Colour: Black (Also available in Red or Grey)
    • Wheels (standard): Ø 160mm (2 fixed, 2 swivels with brake)
    • Other Options:
      • Tray Holder
      • Tay Slide
      • Condiment Holder
      • Dustbin Holder
      • Countertop Slots
      • One Grip Handle w. Lock Key
      • Card Holders A4/A5/A6
      • Ergo Drive + Motorized Chassis
      • Ø 200mm Castors
      • Tow Bars
      • Customized Spacing for Runners
      • Pressed Runners
      • Stainless Steel Interior

    The Temp Stop system - with a focus on food quality

    The innovative ScanBox design and the combination of an aluminium profile system and a sandwich of plastic, insulation and aluminium material offers many advantag­es in comparison with traditional boxes used for cold/ hot holding of food. For us, it is all about preserving food quality.

    Aluminium transfers cold and heat efficiently. It is also a lightweight material reducing the total weight of boxes considerably. Only very little energy is required when heating and cooling aluminium and the material is com­pletely recyclable. Therefore it also offers sustainable solutions.

    To minimize leakage of hot and cold air from the com­partment, we have developed an innovation called the Temp Stop system. By inserting a thermal bridge in the profile system, the heat/cold is kept in place. This is the secret behind our impressive insulation data.

    Scanbox's long experience from working with customers supplying e.g. schools and senior care centres has brought us a profound under­standing of the need for a box design that is both ro­bust and ergonomic. 

    Due to a design with anodized aluminium on the inside and plastic laminate reinforced by fibreglass on the outside, our transport boxes have excellent impact re­sistance. The 30 mm insulation holds the temperature over extended periods and the solid, stainless steel chassis has robust and easy-rolling 160 mm castors as standard.

    As protection in case of collision, the solid chassis of the cart has a plastic-covered bumper all around it. The stainless steel top rail protects the box, serves as a tow handle and facilitates loading on top - e.g. of crockery and dry goods. The push/pull handles on the back of the cart ensure the operator an ergonomical­ly correct working position during handling. A digital display for temperature setting is used for all our box­es. It also indicates when the selected temperature is reached. For your comfort, the display is found at eye level - another proof of our ergonomic thinking.

    Along with replaceable seals, detachable racks on the inside make the boxes very easy to clean. With air cir­culating freely between runners, we ensure a uniform temperature throughout the compartment. This is how our boxes preserve the best possible food quality.

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  2. ScanBox Stainless Steel Grid

    STARTING FROM: $87.40 plus GST

    ScanBox Stainless Steel Grid is perfect for when you need a stable shelf in your box with great temperature distribution.

    The ScanBox food transport carts are elegant, versa­tile and lightweight. Some of them are in fact half the weight of comparable competing products. They are nevertheless designed for "heavy duty". All our carts, including the high capacity Duo varieties, are very easy to operate and transport. ScanBox products are developed and built in Sweden to the very highest standards. 

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  3. Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet

    STARTING FROM: $3,148.61 plus GST

    Alto Shaam

    Designed for durability and deliciousness, this Alto Shaam Low Temperature Holding Cabinets can fit any kitchen layout where food needs to be held and within arms reach. Using Halo Heat® technology, prepared food is kept hot and fresh without the use of added water or harsh heating elements. Flexible configurations available. Build into cabinets or counters, or stack to maximize space.

    Consistent, even heat. Halo Heat® technology provides a controlled, uniform heat source that maintains precise temperatures throughout the holding process.

    Unique thermal cabling surrounds the cavity with gentle, precise heat to evenly warm food and retain moisture. No fans. No harsh heating elements. No added humidity.

    Waterless design. Reduce installation and operating costs with no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance.

    Place anywhere. No oven hood or outside venting required. Save up to $30 per day in hood operating costs. Portable and stackable configurations available to maximize space.

    Maintain precise temperatures. Digital control senses temperature drops faster, providing quick heat and improving recovery time.

    Reduce prep time and labor costs. Prepare food hours before serving, and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste in time for service.

    • Sealed, static holding environment traps natural flavor and juices, reducing shrink, improving food quality and extending hold life.
    • Maintain food quality. Keep product at its perfect serving temperature and hold for hours without overcooking or drying out.
    • Easy to operate. Adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display monitors the inside temperature to ensure food is being held at safe and precise temperatures.
    • Easy to clean. Simply remove shelves and wipe clean.
    • Greater yields and less food waste with Halo Heat technology. Minimize food costs with less overcooking and shrinkage compared to conventional holding.
    • Expand menus. Reduce prep time and labor costs. Prepare food hours before serving, and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste at time of service.
    • Vented drawers available for operations holiding cripier food items.
    • Drawers can be mounted on casters for easy mobility.
    • Build onto cabinets or counters or stack to further mazimize space.

    Halo Heat Technology

    Experience better food quality and higher yields with Halo Heat® technology. Unlike traditional heated holding or low temperature cooking technologies, temperatures created by Halo Heat technology don’t fluctuate to extremes. This gentle, radiant heat evenly surrounds food without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or fans.


    • Dimensions:
      • EAS5 - One Drawer - Dimensions: 624mmW x 657mmD x 296mmH
      • EAS6 - Two Drawer - Dimensions: 624mmW x 657mmD x 481mmH
      • EAS7 - Three Drawer - Dimensions: 624mmW x 657mmD x 664mmH
    • Capacity Dimensions (per compartment)
      • 1 Full-Size Steam Table Pan (6")
      • 1 GN 1/1 pan (152mm)

    Southern Hospitality Ltd recommends that customers who wish to purchase items such as this consult with one of our friendly sales reps, to iron out all of the fine detail that can accompany such purchases, and ensure that you receive the correct model and specifications for your particular needs.

    If you would like to view these models, please contact us at 0800 503 335 or weborders@southernhospitality.co.nz.

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  4. Burlodge

    Burlodge logoBurlodge is an international company supplying specialised healthcare food systems particularly suited to cook-chill and cook-serve applications for hospitals, retirement villages and hostels, nursing homes, meals on wheels organisations, day care centres, large central cook chill kitchens and prisons.

    With the years of experience working to and meeting international quality standards such as ISO 9000, wherever meal delivery is the logistics requirements to be addressed, we work to assist to provide an intergrated solution tailored to each specific needs and ensures that we provide products and services that maximise customer satisfaction.

    If you wish to find out more about the Burlodge range of products, give us a call at 0800 503 335 or contact us and one of our experienced reps will get in touch with you.

    Novaflex II

    The most advanced single tray meal distribution system available today, the Novaflex meets today's requirements for an efficient, well-constructed meal distribution system, which also allows for personalisation of individual patient trays. Suitable for both traditional cook-serve systems, cook-chill and food outsourcing methods of meal tray preparation.

    With an electronic control panel, which is easy to use and operate, meal trays within the Novaflex are loaded into a fixed insulated divider wall, which separates the hot and cold sides of the cart. The unique Novaflex single tray system allows for varying space on the hot and cold sides of the tray, based on individual patient choices. This allows for maximum flexibility in menu choices and types of dishware.

    Burlodge Novaflex II

    RTS – Ready To Serve

    Active Temperature Maintenance to ensure hot foods are served hot and cold foods are served cold with an advanced meal delivery system for rethermalisation of trayed meals. The system is ideal for units where a majority of patients or residents require assistance with feeding and the total mealtime becomes extended as a result.

    The ideology of providing patients the best possible food temperatures at the point of service, meal trays are loaded into the pre-heated and pre-chilled RTS cart which incorporates a fixed divider wall to separate the hot and cold foods on the tray. Once the cart is loaded with the trays needed for that patient unit, the cart is plugged into a single phased outlet for a heat boosting cycle while cold items are kept refrigerated at the same time. The heating and cooling continues while individual trays are taken out and served, thus maintaining the temperatures of all the remaining trays.

    Burlodge RTS

    Multigen & Minigen

    Designed as a multi-portion point of service trolley, for cook-serve, cook-chill and cook- freeze food service applications, the Multigen is a two compartment unit  while the Minigen is a single compartment unit – both units has either an ambient compartment or an oven chamber.

    With a dual oven technology which substantially improves food quality, temperature and presentation, it also allows reduced energy consumption as heating is a forced air convection for rethermalisation to allow the heating of products with different densities and textures to be achieved over the same time. In addition, the dual oven compartment can be varied in size to meet different meal configurations.

    Burlodge RTS


    The BPod is an unique nesting system using a Base Station that holds the mechanics and electrical to provide consistent convection heating and cooling while the Pod carries the individualised trays from production through regeneration and then to the consumer. The Pod rolls and nests into the embrace of the Base Station and through unique vertical airflow dynamics the Base Station exchanges its heating and cooling to the foods on trays inside the Pod below.

    The Base Station supplies unique vertical thermo-convection forced air ventilation for both the hot and cold section driven by a high velocity motor to ensure proper and even air temperature throughout the chamber of the Pod. Convection heating allows for greater menu variety and supports all types of dishware such as china and reusable plastics, high heat single use plastics and paper, as well as aluminium foil.

    The Pod is a trayed meal transporter is durable and lightweight - constructed from a combination of 304 stainless steel and aluminium. It incorporates a high density insulation, enclosed in stainless steel side panels and doors enhance the temperature retention rating of the tray carrier. The Pod can be fitted with 20 or 24 tray slots (Pod Short) or it can have tray slides to hold 26 or 30 trays (Pod Tall).

    Burlodge B-Pod


    Burlodge provides an online, real time monitoring system that allows you to monitor and control your Burlodge equipment from your office PC. Bwise is the HACCP software compatible with Novaflex and Multigen tray system with the ability to allow you to turn individual carts on or off, start a meal cycle, review HACCP error codes, view the time remaining in a cycle, read temperatures inside a cart while it is operating and reprogram one or more carts at a time, all from your main computer. All events are stored in a database that can be accessed, sorted and printed from your PC.


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