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Woodson Heat Lamp Assembly

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Code Product Name Quantity Priceplus GST
EST119 Woodson W.HLA1200 Heat Lamp Assembly 1200mmL
$730.00 plus GST
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 to 10 working days
EST120 Woodson W.HLA1500 Heat Lamp Assembly 1500mmL
$810.00 plus GST
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 to 10 working days
EST121 Woodson W.HLA900 Heat Lamp Assembly 900mmL
$650.00 plus GST
Estimated Delivery Time: 7 to 10 working days

 Product Features

Crafted for overhead heating for food preparation and serving, the Woodson Heat Lamp is ideal for pass-through applications. With three 300 watts infra-red lamps, this unit is incredibly effective, combining power with efficiency. Supplied with a 1200mm long, fully stainless steel channel, this unit is incredibly versatile and durable. Constructed from a replaceable heat lamp, this unit is efficient, effective and reliable.

Southern Hospitality Ltd recommends that customers who wish to purchase items such as this consult with one of our friendly sales reps, to iron out all of the fine detail that can accompany such purchases, and ensure that you receive the correct model and specifications for your particular needs.

If you are not sure if this is the right product for you, give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at [email protected] and we will help you choose based on your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Heat lamps are not to be used within enclosed gantries
  • Designed with replaceable 300w infra-red lamps
  • Includes a fully stainless steel channel
  • Features an off / on switch for the heat lamps
  • Ideal as overhead heating for passthrough applications
  • Dimensions of 1200 x 120 x 110mm
  • Electrical rating of 0.9kW - 10A


  • EST119 - Model: W.HLA1200
    • Dimensions:
      • 1200mmW x 120mmD x 110mmH
    • kW: 0.9 - 10Amp
  • EST120 - Model: W.HLA1500
    • Dimensions:
      • 1500mmW x 120mmD x 110mmH
    • kW: 0.9 - 10Amp
  • EST121 - Model: W.HLA900
    • Dimensions:
      • 900mmW x 120mmW x 110mmH
    • kW: 0.6 - 10Amp

This Woodson heat lamp assembly is made to be used in conjunction with a stainless steel passthrough applications.