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Borgonovo Indro 1.0L Swingtop Bottle
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Capacity: 1 litre

Borgonovo offer an exceptional collection of durable glassware, barware and tableware for everyday use. Founded in Italy in the 1950's, Borgonovo has earned it's reputation for superb quality glassware products that are able to withstand everyday use over many years.

With two very up-to-date kilns and nine production lines, Vetreria di Borgonovo produces produces over 130 million pieces per year spread over 500 different glass-shapes, made using one type of glass, obtained from the fusion of siliceous sand with the addition of fluxes, bleaches and refiners. The glass is of extra white sodic-calcic type and the products are created through phases of pressing and press-blowing

The main characteristics of Borgonovo glassware are their strength and durability and to resist the harsh chemicals of commercial dishwashers, which make them ideal for restaurants and bars. Made in Italy, Borgonovo glasses are being used in establishments and homes in over 100 countries.

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