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Biopak BioBoard Lunch Box Medium
$22.36 per sleeve plus GST

Availability: In stock

sleeves of 200 boxes
Sold in cartons of 4 sleeves
In Stock
Estimated Delivery Time: 3 to 5 working days


  • Product size: 152mm L x 120mm W x 64mm H
  • Pieces per sleeve: 50 Bioboard boxes per sleeve
    Price above is for one sleeve. Sold in cartons only.


  • BioBoard Lunch Boxes are made from FSC® certified paper, ensuring that they are manufactured from materials sourced from sustainably-managed forests.
  • Well-managed forests provide clean air and water, maintain soil quality, preserve biodiversity and habitats, and sequester CO2, among many other ecosystem services.
  • The lunch boxes are lined with waterproof Ingeo™ and include a bioplastic window. Producing this bioplastic results in 75% less greenhouse gases than the conventional plastic it replaces. Printed using soy or water-based inks.
  • Choose bioplastic over plastic to reduce greenhouse gases by 75%.
  • Our disposable lunchboxes are printed with soy-based or water-based inks.
  • This range is printed kraft-look – read more about why we print kraft-look.
  • These containers are commercially compostable and recyclable in most kerbside recycling (like milk cartons).
  • Our Bioboard range has a 12 months shelf life from date of purchase.

Why must you buy BioPak products?

Watch the two below videos to find out more, buy our bio-degradeable disposables and make a difference!

BioPak foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured to provide consumers with an affordable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solution to enjoy food on the go, without any negative impact on the environment.

BioPak Materials

Wherever possible, we choose raw materials that are bio-based, recycled, non toxic, recyclable or biodegradable.

We form these materials as efficiently as possible in high speed, highly automated production facilities.

Our products enable the diversion of waste from landfill by being either recyclable or compostable.


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