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Moretti Forni Amalfi B Vintage Deck Oven on Prover
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Moretti Forni

With a history rich in tradition and passion for the job, Moretti Forni is today the absolute leader in the production of static ovens for the pizzeria, pastry and small bakery and kilns for firing ceramics.
The connotation of Italian roots linked to the land of origin, the tradition passed down from generation to generation and the innovative thrust of new management has guided Moretti towards a globalization process, spreading the brand internationally in 120 countries worldwide.

  • Each product line is studied, designed and built to offer users practical solutions with high technological content.
    But the achievements obtained so far are also the result of well-thought choices dictated by four guidelines that make up the mission of the company: innovation, reliability, safety and eco-friendliness.
  • Innovation "useful" because it provides users with the newest technologies already tested by Moretti and immediately expendable. Proven reliability: product life cycle is exceptionally long and an effective and punctual after-sales service. Maximum safety because each product is made with materials and top quality components that are always tested by highly qualified personnel before being placed on the market: for Moretti end-user protection is paramount.
  • Eco-compatibility: the Company is constantly committed to complying with the environment where it operates and invests in the research of advanced technology and cutting-edge solutions designed to save resources and energy, as the use of renewable energies, the reduction of waste at every stage of the process and sustainability in the production chain.

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The Amalfi B Vintage

Serie B AMALFI is an electric modular deck oven available with 1, 2 or more decks stackable on prover or support with standard castors. The baking chamber is entirely built with refractory brick and the thermic insulation is achieved through high-density fibre. The heat of the refractory brick is given by built-in heating elements on top and ceiling. AMALFI is also available in a special vintage version with a more classic design recalling tradition. On-demand and without surcharge, all the models can be available with the front side completely in stainless steel

Specifications & Features

External Construction

  • Structure made in folded stainless steel
  • Side panels in pre-painted sheet metal
  • Stainless steel hood with aluminised steel top cover
  • Front vapour collection hood in HT coating steel sheet
  • The steam duct in stainless steel plate 
  • Stainless steel door with a bottom hinge and spring balance
  • Tempered glass element
  • Handles in thermoplastic material
  • Control panel on the front right-hand side
  • Vintage style 2-deck oven

Internal Construction

  • The refractory brick cooking surface
  • Refractory top and side structure
  • Rock wool heat insulation


  • Heated by spiral heating elements
  • Electronic temperature management with independent adjustment of ceiling and floor
  • The maximum temperature reached 450°C
  • Continuous temperature monitoring with thermocouple
  • Vapour ducting using a manual butterfly valve

Standard Equipment

  • Lighting with halogen lamp
  • Timer
  • Economiser
  • Independent maximum temperature safety device
  • 20 customisable programs


  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 1950mm
    • Depth: 1350mm
    • Width: 1320mm
    • Weight: 379kg
    • Total Baking Surface: 1.4m2
  • Total baking capacity:
    • Tray(600x400)mm: 4
    • Pizza diameter: 300mm: 12 pizzas per hour
    • Pizza diameter: 450mm: 4 pizzas per hour
  • Standard electric power: A.C. V240 3ph
    • Frequency: 60Hz
    • Max power: 14,4kW
    • Average power cons: 7,7kWh

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