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Europa Deck Oven Range

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EUROPA'S Experimentation and research have always represented the principal means to achieve the company's primary objective: "anticipate and satisfy the customer requirements".

Established in 1990, EUROPA is a company specialized in the production of OVENS and equipment for BREAD, PASTRY and PIZZA.

The strong entrepreneurship of the company's management, the long experience of a dynamic team of qualified technicians and the professional competence of a closely-knit workgroup always ready to foresee the real market requirements, permitted this company to grow up rapidly and establish itself over the main international markets.

EUROPA in recent years has consolidated world-wide its own position thanks to a constant renewal of the range with increasingly more advanced products. It continues to grow year by year, increasing its presence both in Italy and abroad, relying on a strong mark which is synonymous of QUALITY and MODERNITY and thanks to a loyal and specialized distributors network, always ready to satisfy all the needs of the customers.

Southern Hospitality are able to source the entire range of Europa deck ovens. We will work with you to sort out all your baking equipment needs and find the right product for you. Give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at WEBORDERS@SOUTHERNHOSPITALITY.CO.NZ to speak to one of our friendly sales reps.

Europa stock a wide variety of deck ovens suitable for baking, pastries and pizza. Each deck oven has been designed to suit each of these uses and we will work with you to pick the best deck oven to suit the needs of your establishment.

Europa Deck Oven Range

This range of Europa Deck Ovens features a broad range of uses from pizza Making to baking to pastry making.Each deck oven have their own individual specifications. For full specifications and specific details please speak to your rep.

Marconi Range.

THE MARCONI New Edition ELECTRIC DECK OVEN have become in years a real point of reference for its category: elegant and high impact DESIGN, the latest generation of TECHNOLOGY and highest QUALITY of materials.

Accurate studies on the shape and the position of the heating elements, on the composition of the baking soles, on the type of insulation, on the POWER DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEMS and on the exploitation of the thermal inertia, have allowed us to reach drastic reduction of energy consumptions, improving on the minimum values reached in today's market lower than 1,8kW/m2!

  • "NEW GENERATION" ELECTRIC DECK OVENS designed for continuous bakings cycle with an average consumption less than 2kW/m2
  • Available in 36 models with 3/4/5 decks and 1/2/3/4 doors. You can view the data sheet here
  • JUNIOR series (JR) for small bakeries or installations with visible oven by customers
  • Standard : independent DIGITAL PANELS (1 per deck) with LCD screen and LED display (1 temperature and 2 power percentages CEILING/FLOOR), 30 programs, intelligent consumption manager , "extra" or "economy" function

Leonadro Range

LEONARDO New Edition means evolution of tradition, stability and flexibility, a history and a future : STEAM TUBE DECK OVENS that are a proven success for over 20 years for us and our customers, highest reliability for a safe investment over time. Reduced consumptions over 30% compared with brick tube ovens, with excellent quality and baking performances on both small and large pieces, ideal either for artisan productions or industrial baking process with automatic loading systems.

  • "NEW GENERATION" STEAM TUBE DECK OVENS with excellent thermal efficienty guaranteed by large steam tubes (diameter of 35mm and 5,5mm thickness), low consumptions and continuous bakings with no drops in temperatures
  • Available in 35 different models with 3/4/5 decks and 1/2/3/4 doors. You can view the data sheet here
  • Available with GAS, LPG, GASOIL burner or in the new version LEONARDO Green Edition with PELLETS feeding
  • Available COMBINED versions (LEONARDO PLUS) with ELECTRIC 4th DECK

Venturi Range

CYCLOTERMIC OVENS VENTURI guarantee baking quality and working flexibility, thanks to the possibility to bake products that need different temperatures in short times: the hot air circuits, inside the baking soles, produce an excellent push-up on products, making these ovens ideal for small pieces with continuous baking cycle.

These are ovens that have made the history in the field of bakery, and thanks to their VERSATILITY, it can become the right solution even for modern bakeries where the variety of the products has become a strong point.

  • CYCLOTHERMIC OVENS for bread and pastry 
  • Available in 8 different models with 3/4 decks and 2/3 doors. You can view the data sheet here
  • Available with GAS, LPG, GASOIL burner
  • Standard : user-friendly DIGITAL control panel, independent STEAM GENERATORS, powered, heated by combustion fumes, HIGHER UPPER DECK (240mm) for special products, thoughened glass doors, upwards opening and "automatic" opening/closing mechanism  with the entry of the setter, shovel or loader, high thermal efficiency cement soles, HOOD with exhauster and manual steam dampers, Stainless steel front and main parts

Volta Range

VOLTA New Edition represents a turning point in baking : "NEW GENERATION" DECK OVENS combining the EFFICIENCY of rack ovens' loading and unloading operations, together with the BAKING quality that only a deck ovens can guarantee.   

They ensure important savings in time and they reduce the production costs (loading/unloading times reduction, 1 single person can load/unload the oven in just 1 minute)

Thanks to 3 different multiple loading SYSTEMS it is possible to make easy and quick STONE BAKINGS using the MULIPLE LOADER WITH SETTERS (available both MANUAL and AUTOMATIC) or BAKINGS ON TRAYS, always with an excellent sole effect, with its handy TROLLEY.

The combination with the AUTOMATIC LOADER allows to a single person to manage more ovens alone. This is the CONCEPT suitable both for SPECIFIC PRODUCTIONS (baguettes, ciabatta...) and INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES (ideal alternative to the expensive and very bulky tunnel ovens).

View the data sheet here

Edison Range

THE "MULTIPURPOSE" ELECTRIC MODULAR OVENS series is popular all over the world : models from 2/3/4/6 TRAYS each chamber, with possibility of laying till 5 chambers, more than 50 baking solutions for PASTRY SHOPS, BAKERIES, HOTELS, FAST-FOOD, RESTAURANTS AND PIZZERIAS.

  • 3 KIND OF BAKING CHAMBERS : PASTRY chambers (PS), BREAD chambers (PA) complete with STEAM GENERATOR, powered PIZZA chambers (PZ) (0-400°C)

Edison Pizza

Professional ELECTRIC MODULAR OVENS for PIZZERIAS, available in different models with a capacity from 4 to 10 pizza each chamber, possibility of laying till 4 CHAMBERS maximum.

Baking chambers are specifically designed for PIZZA baking with appropriate heating elements (0-400°C) for continuos short baking cycles, equipped with solid stainless steel doors, heat-keeping screen and refractory baking soles for pizza baking.

Formula Pizza

FORMULA PIZZA is the new line of MONOBLOCK ELECTRIC OVENS with 1 or 2 decks. Ovens for shops, ideal to bake or to heat PIZZA, PASTRY & FOOD, they are designed to satisfy the needs of small pizzerias, or simply as small multipurpose ovens for bars and restaurants.

COMPACT, MODERN, ESSENTIAL for an use that seeks semplicity and functionality.

Available in different models, from 4 to 6 pizza each deck.

  • ELECTROMECHANICAL PANEL with visualization of 1 TEMPERATURE and separate regulation of the ceiling/floor power. 
  • STAINLESS STEEL DOORS with downwards opening
  • Stainlees steel armoured heating elements 
  • Refractory sole for pizza

Southern Hospitality will work with you to sort out all your baking equipment needs and find the right product for you. Give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at WEBORDERS@SOUTHERNHOSPITALITY.CO.NZ to speak to one of our friendly sales reps.