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Thor Round Containers and Lids

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Code Product Name Quantity Priceplus GST
HT1 THOR Grey Round Container 75L 49 x57cm
$61.19 plus GST
In Stock
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HT12 THOR Round Dolly 46.4x16.8cm
$76.14 plus GST
Stock currently unavailable
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HT7 Grey Lid for HT1
$13.94 plus GST
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These THOR round containers are built with reinforced rims and a double-ribbed base. They will not rust, chip or peel and resists dents. A Lid or Round Dolly are available separately. These are part of the Trust range, made of heavy duty, premium quality plastic.

  • Capacity: 75L

HT1: Trust THOR Round Container

  • Dimensions: 49cm x 57cm
  • All plastic construction will not rust, chip, or peel; resists dents
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle with a smooth and comfortable feeling
  • Reinforced rims increase strength and durability
  • Comes with four trash liner grooves for easy attachment without the need to tie knots
  • Four vent channels provide 50% less worker exertion when lifting a filled trash liner compared with a normal container
  • Bottom hand grips of 30mm width assist in emptying
  • Double and ribbed base increase stability and dragging capacity

HT12: Round Dolly

  • Dimensions: 46.4cm x 16.8cm
  • Easy mobility and manoeuvrability of heavy load
  • Swivel castors offer easy mobility
  • Attach trash containers with ease
  • Sturdy structural foam construction won't rust, dent, chip, or peel

HT7: Grey Lid

  • Dimensions: 50.7cm x 6.6cm
  • Strong, Snap-On lids for stable stacking

If you are not sure if this is the right product for you, give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at and we will help you choose based on your needs.

TRUST is an environmentally sustainable brand you can rely on. Their products have been rigorously tested and outperform the products of their industry peers on the durability test.

Environmental Sustainability:

TRUST strives to be environmentally friendly and stands by strict environmental standards and business practices. We also align with environmental protection institutions and organizations for the undertaking of environmental sustainability. Their research project is effectively reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing commercial products by means of product innovation.

To align with their core competencies, Trust designs, manufactures and markets green products. Our environmentally friendly practices are established in order to protect, conserve, and sustain the world's natural resources.

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