Since 1946 Tonon has specialised in the construction of certified custom-made equipment for the food and beverage industry. Tonon Srl has always put its experience in the food industry available to all customers. From industrial installations to small coldrooms, Tonon is committed in providing the best solutions to maximize your work. Choosing Tonon means saying goodbye to unproductive areas and welcome to optimized warehousing, where as much of the space as possible makes a positive contribution to the bottom line.

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    Tonon Kombi Breakfast Trolley for GN Trays

    was $2,125.70

    $425.14 plus GST

    Dimensions: 1800 x 680 x 1304mmH

    Tonon's Tray Trolley has been designed and built to meet the different requirements and needs that you may find daily; from local snack bars to large hotels, from cafes communities to all other possible areas.

    Reliable and strong, Tonon's Tray Trolleys are built with 20 microns anodized aluminum, thermoplastic material and stainless steel. The side panels, neutral (standard), colored or customizable with your graphics (optional) are the "icing-on-the-cake".

    Wheels are made of galvanized steel, rotating and with bumpers; two out of four are equipped with a brake.

    Tonon's Tray Trolley has a maximum total capacity of 120 kg.

    The accurate study performed on the design and packaging allows an ease of transportation unique in its field.

    In fact the product is shipped pre-assembled with an average volume of about one third of the finished product.

    By doing so it preserves the integrity of the product on arrival, the reduced size of the volume to be transported and, consequently, the final cost.

    • Number of Compartments: 3
    • Tray dimensions: GN 530x325 mm
    • Tray capacity: 3 x 7 = 21
    • Type of support: SS AISI 304 racks with arresting form brackets
    • Caster wheels: 4 rotating galvanized wheels with bumpers
    • Load capacity: 120kg each compartment
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