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Tierra Ocean Coupe Deep Plate

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CAT15 Tierra Ocean Coupe Deep Plate 26cm Sold in packs of 6 plates
plates per pack
$20.90 per plate plus GST
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Sold in packs of 6 plates
CAT39 Tierra Ocean Coupe Deep Plate 23cm Sold in packs of 6 plates
plates per pack
$12.14 per plate plus GST
In Stock
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Sold in packs of 6 plates

Accolade Tierra

Dimensions: 23cm and 26cm options

The Tierra range is a collection of warm, earthy crockery and is inspired by hand-crafted country style pottery that will add a rustic flavour to your table.

Accolade - from the famous porcelain manufacturing region of Thailand, for over 50 years our factory has produced an alumina-rich body for increased strength, chip resistance and long lasting. The high use flatware plates and bowls are pin fired resulting in a fully glazed under body which reduces scratching and abrasion during everyday use and storage. All plates are lightweight and have a slim attractive profile.

Featuring the huge commercial features of all our Accolade crockery:

  • an alumina-rich body with increased strength
  • heat retention without crazing or dulling
  • chip resistant and long lasting
  • light weight and slim profile for reduced storage space

Tierra has 4 colour glazes and they are Dawn, Dove, Ocean and Walnut. All of them provide a contemporary presentation standard of the highest quality. View the entire Tierra range. If you are interested in a different range of coloured plates, have a look at the Temuka Pottery range

Thanks to Kolachi Eatery & Bar for this delicious image!

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