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Synergy ST900 Dual Burner Grill

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The Synergy Grill revolves around a patented gas burner system which delivers focused and exceptionally high heat using a natural ceramic heat bed. High heat atomises fat so there’s no fat tray for chefs to clean and no risk of irresponsible disposal of fatty waste.

The water vapour that’s naturally released from the fat and oils during cooking is also absorbed back into the food. This combined, with sharp branding gives an incredibly juicy and intense BBQ flavour. The efficient burner system combined with heat capturing ceramic technology means Synergy uses 59% less gas, and often more with its switch-off advantage. This results in less CO residue than a conventional burner creating a cleaner environment for chefs to work over.

This patented system also significantly reduces cross flavouring of food so your vegetables won’t taste of meat. Synergy Grills also route cool air around the grill to produce cool-touch surfaces, protecting the operator.

Synergy Grill is the only gas chargrill company to be endorsed by the Carbon Trust.

  • Produces a higher quality of food leading to greater customer satisfaction
  • Delivers higher heat with low gas consumption
  • It will pay for itself. Most customers save between $1,000 and $3,000 on gas costs alone
  • Reduce your cleaning time to under 10 minutes – No fat means no fat tray to clean
  • Reduces your companies Carbon Footprint. Saves the equivalent of 2 cars of CO2²a year compared to a standard chargrill
  • Less strain on ventilation systems
  • Simple to use
  • One of the safest units to use

The latest Synergy Trilogy series allows variable heat control for each burner.

Produce grilled dishes faster, with better quality and less gas usage than ever before possible. SynergyClever Cooking.

The award-winning and patented Synergy Grill is a unique revolutionary, all-British designed and engineered chargrill and griddle, tailored to meet the multi-demands of the hospitality industry.

Innovator and Chairman, Justin Cadbury developed the ground-breaking technology of the perfect fuel-efficient burner to be used for the new generation of fat atomising gas grills, producing better quality food at lower energy costs than ever before. Developed in partnership with chefs over many years with particular emphasis on global development and sustainability and a focus on robustness and energy efficiency to meet today’s environmental goals.

Synergy Grill is often quoted as bringing modern fuel injection technology to the old-fashioned carburettor system. Chargrilling technology hasn’t changed in over 20 years, so we brought it into the 21st Century with innovative commercial gas grill technology you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The Trilogy Range offers variable heat using THREE different settings

  • Low setting is perfect for use with the griddle plate or cooking foods that have a high fat content
  • Medium setting gives the operator a standard setting and gives the amazing cooking results you gain from the standard Synergy Grill
  • High setting gives you additional searing if require
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Comes with Garnish Rail and Slow Cook Shelf
  • LPG or Natural Gas – fully convertible on site
  • One variable heat setting
  • One burner with one on/off switch
  • Fat is atomised so no need for fat tray
  • Easy clean
  • Synergy lifting tool & Synergy scraping tool included.
  • Comes with slow cook shelf and garnish rail as standard.

How to Clean This Grill

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 230v / 50Hz<1 kW via 10 amp socket
  • Electrical Power Cord: 1.5m with 3 pin plug at rear
  • Gas:Natural or Propane Gas (inc Butane) - convertible at site
  • Burners
    • Normal use = 41.04 MJ;
    • Fast Heat Up for LPG and Natural Gas 50.4 MJ
  • Burners: Two independent burners, with simple on/off switches and variable heat controls
  • Gas Connection: 3/4” BSP
  • External Dimensions:
    • 900mm W x 646mm D x 380mm H without garnish rail and top shelf
    • 900mm W x 776mm D x 380mm H including Garnish rail complete with 2 x 1/9 size (65mm) gastronorm pans
    • 900mm W x 776mm D x 530mm H to top of shelf
  • Area of Cooking Grid: 800 x 500mm (2650cm2)

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