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Scheer Perforated Tubular Cooking Basket for Lava Rock Units

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Product Features

Scheer Perforated Tubular Cooking Basket for Lava Rock Units Perforated tubular cooking basket used for vegetables, corn cobs, small prawns and more

  • Basket Length: 304mm
    • Basket Diameter: 102mm
  • Stainless perforated tubular cage with opening hatch
  • Aluminium coated wooden handle, option of stainless handle
  • Used for cooking small items usually too small to skewer such as small prawns, chicken hearts etc. Food products tumble around over the charcoal/wood fire.

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This products is to be paired with the Lava Rock units of Scheer charcoal rotisseries, ESC1

Scheer equipment accessories offer chefs & cooks flexibility & innovation for cooking on their charcoal or gas fired rotisseries, grills & customised equipment.