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Revent Double Rack Oven

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EBR6 Revent Double Rack Gas Oven
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The Revent TCC (Total Convection Control) and HCS (High Volume Steam) system takes baking quality to an even higher level. It is constructed of robust stainless steel and includes an interactive control panel with enclosed stainless steel tubular electrical heater help maintain constant core temperatures. The automatic steam and damper control prevent drains. Accepts 2 single racks of 457mm x 660mm. Available in both gas and electric.

If you would like to find out more about Revent ovens, please give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at [email protected].

Revent invented the first rack oven back in the 1950's. Since then, they've become the best selling rack oven producer in the world, with representation in more than 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Revent 724 Double Rack Gas / Electric Oven

  • Baking quality
    • Bakes everything without adjustments.
    • The TCC (Total Convection Control) system ensuring:
      • Even bake
      • Perfectly even coloured products
      • Minimized weight loss
      • Maximized bread volume
    • The HVS (High Volume Steam) system ensuring:
      • Excellent texture.
      • Excellent crust.
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    • Perfect bake without rejects.
    • Industry leading availability and output for 24/7 production.
    • Most flexible choice for a diversified bakery assortment.
    • Simple handling with self-instructive GIAC control panel.
    • Bakes up to four different products at once with our multiple-alarm system.
    • Renowned durability with the longest life expectancy on the market.
    • Minimized service cost.
    • Fast assembly through Revent’s unique wedge system. Quick and easy installation. Baking within a few hours.
  • Electric Oven
    • World leading energy efficiency.
    • Energy save mode.
  • Gas Oven
    • World leading energy efficiency, verified through accredited institute, through:
    • Revent cross-line heat exchanger
    • Energy save mode. 
  • Options
    • Rack lifts for most types of racks including A-lift, B-lift, Baxter lift, C-lift, D-lift, Lucks lift
    • Platform
    • Heavy Duty Steam system
    • Type 1 canopy
    • GIAC extended PC software
    • Left hinged door.
    • Core temp sensor kit. (Requires F-lift or platform)
    • Prison package
    • USDA package (Upgrade of steel to A304)
  • Specifications
    • Temperature range: 50–300 ºC
    • Minimum intake opening: 875 x 1760 mm | (standard 3 oven section delivery in 4 pieces shipment)
    • Minimum intake opening: 1760 x 2510 mm | (optional – one piece shipment)
    • Minimum section tilt up height: 2700 mm
    • Swing diameter: 1280 mm
    • Max load for rack lift and platform: 400 kg
    • Steam Generation: 8.5 l/20 sec
    • World leading energy efficiency with LID™ technology and minimized heat bridges.
    • Stainless steel tubular electrical heaters.
    • Stainless steel design.
    • Automatic steam and damper control.
    • Double glass door.
    • Electrical: available in 3-phase voltages
    • Water Supply: G ½”ø 4,4 bar, pH 7.5-8.5, dH 4˚-7˚
    • Drain: 1” connection (optional connection to rear)
    • Ventilation
      • Over Pressure Duct: Through door to canopy
      • Oven Damper Exhaust: Through door to canopy
      • Oven Stack Exhaust: ø 170 mm, (-3)–(-6) mm water pillar (oil and gas versions only)
      • Required Stack Evacuation: 260 m3/h
      • Canopy Port: ø 252 mm
      • Required Canopy Evacuation: 2500 m3/h
      • If the chimney is not straight, please contact factory.

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