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RCR WINE DROP Wine Glass 335ml

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Capacity: 335ml Wine Glass

Modern and refined wine glass for tableware and professional tasting. The lower part of the bowl forms the so-called epicure ensuring marvellous perlage.

RCR is a company entirely Made in Italy: the Val d’Elsa industrial district has a high level of vertical integration that allows it to concentrate all production processes in house, from product design to engineering and construction of moulds, as well as marketing and distribution in Italy and to over 100 countries worldwide.

Their Mission is to be a reliable, cutting edge supplier of superior quality crystal glass, the quintessence of Italian design for every moment of the consumer’s lifestyle.

With a vision to be an industrial, eco-friendly, state-of-the-art ultraclear crystal glass, compliant with ethical and environmental standards, made with the care typical of artisanal production.

LUXION® is RCR’s ULTRACLEAR eco crystal glass compliant with standard ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009, combining enhanced brilliance, absence of colour and transparency criteria, making LUXION® the ideal material for the HORECA and professional catering industry.

Brilliant, transparent and safe by nature, LUXION® is a friendly crystal glass: an ecological material that accompanies every moment of daily life, just like real friends. Safe and reliable, it allows you to appreciate all the characteristics of the content as it does not alter in any way tastes and flavours.

LUXION® is brilliant, transparent, resistant, with perfect acoustics, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, even for professional use.

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