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Piazza White Ice-Cream Scoop 33ml White Stem
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In Stock
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Capacity: 33ml

The new Piazza ice-cream scoop is the result of the research and development of our engineering office. A small, yet a great extract of technology and design, fully Made in Italy, which gives you unequalled performance in both an ice cream parlour and at home.

Precisely this certainty permits Piazza alone to guarantee the inalterability of its tongs.


  • Material - The innovative composition of Nylon and Fibreglass matches stiffness, great mechanical strength and extraordinary lightness. It stands temperatures from -30c to +170c is dishwasher safe and fully complies with EEC and FDA standards.
  • Rack - The perfectly adjusted mechanism provides excellent sliding with minimum pressure effort, then cutting down fatigue and tiredness
  • Strip - Made of stainless steel, it provides the best cut of the ice cream and together with the polished cup, always results in perfect shape scoops.
  • Rod and Spring - Stainless mechanism guarantees a neat cut, which always forms perfect scoops, while ice-cream slides easily on the polished internal side of the cup providing a greater use experience.
  • Central Hub - Careful check on allowances, first during the moulding and then the assembly stage, guarantees, together with compact design, top hygiene of the scoop because there are no areas where residues of dirt can settle.
  • Handle - Perfectly ergonomic and with its special matte surface, it is fully anti-slip for a strong and safe grip at all times.

Piazza was founded in 1880 and was able to grow out of little more than a craftsman's workshop into an industrial concern which is now renowned and respected internationally. Based on a careful selection of raw materials, attention to detail, research in new technologies and passion for our work, their products always live up to the expectations of the people who use them.