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Piazza Precision Kitchen Tong 23.5cm
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Dimensions: 23.5cm

Piazza Tongs - Simply Indispensable

Piazza's tongs have always been the collection used as reference point for the market, both for design and for the effective superiority of a product that is a must for every professional's collection.

Lastly, the details highlight the uniqueness of each individual pair: the curvature of certain applications, such as the spaghetti tongs, which is like an invitation to gather up the food in the best way; or the spring which always gives the same manoeuvrability even after an infinite number of pressing, this thanks to an exclusive production device which is still secret today, as are the formulas which for years have resisted all attempts of imitation.

Precisely this certainty permits Piazza alone to guarantee the inalterability of its tongs.


  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • Ergonomic and balanced
  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Durable, quality construction and long-lasting, meaning you get prolonged use providing an economic benefit over time against a lesser stainless grade utensil.
  • The precision tong has safe gripping thanks to the non-slip ridges making it easier for presenting plates with a perfect decoration meaning a greater customer experience.
  • Italian made with unique design against standard utensils, provides your customer with a tailored offering providing a greater customer experience.

Piazza was founded in 1880 and was able to grow out of little more than a craftsman's workshop into an industrial concern which is now renowned and respected internationally. Based on a careful selection of raw materials, attention to detail, research in new technologies and passion for our work, their products always live up to the expectations of the people who use them.