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Moretti Forni Conveyor Oven T75E Elec
$17,800.00 plus GST

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Moretti Forni T75E Conveyor Oven - Extreme ease of use, guaranteed result: with the electric tunnel ovens of the Conveyor range, cooking is no more a problem. Let's set the time and the 2 top and bottom temperatures: the oven will provide to all the rest, thanks to the exclusive double heat control inside the cooking chamber. The operating economy is one of serieT main features which guarantees even more surprising results in the gas versions.

Southern Hospitality Ltd recommends that customers who wish to purchase items such as this consult with one of our friendly sales reps, to iron out all of the fine detail that can accompany such purchases, and ensure that you receive the correct model and specifications for your particular needs.

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  • External Construction
    • Structure in folded stainless steel sheets
    • Stainless steel door hinged on left hand side with tempered silk-screen processed glass logo BlackBar Design
    • Stainless steel access flap hinged at bottom
    • Tempered glass window
    • Stainless steel handle equipped
    • Extractable stainless steel conveyor belt, with continuous tensioning
    • Electronic control panel on front left side
  • Internal Construction
    • Baking chamber in stainless steel sheets
    • Top and bottom blowers in welded stainless steel sheets, extractable for cleaning
    • Rock wool heat insulation, thermal minijoints and air space COOL AROUND® TECHNOLOGY
    • Adjustment of air volumes
  • Functioning
    • Heated by armoured heating elements
    • Control of power PID (Proportional Supplementary Derivative) can allow the automatic regulation of energy necessary on the basis of the quantity of the batch product ADAPTIVE-POWER® TECHNOLOGY
    • Independent adjustment and control of ceiling and floor, with continuous temperature detection using 2 high sensitive thermocouples DUAL-TEMP® TECHNOLOGY
    • Labyrinth ducting pipe BEST-FLOW® SYSTEM
    • Air blowing system using stainless steel fan
    • Conveyor belt with speed adjustable from 30" to 20 minutes and feed-back control at the option of belt standstill
    • Programmable electronic function management ECO-SMARTBAKING®
    • Maximum temperature reached 400°C (752°F)
  • Standard Equipment
    • Color multilanguage display TFT 5"
    • 100 customisable programs
    • ECO-STAND BY® TECHNOLOGY Saving device with the possibility to stop the belt for break
    • Discontinuous cooking cycle STEP
    • Start-Stop function to move tape to the set point is reached
    • LOCK function
    • Weekly Timer with the possibility to program two lightings and two power off every day
    • Customized Hotkey with recurring control
    • Auto test with display of error message
    • USB slot for data reading / programs DATA-FEED® SYSTEM
    • Independent maximum temperature safety device
    • Stainless steel product stand


  • Capacity: 48 x 330mm (12") pizzas per hour approx, 25 x 450mm(18") pizzas per hour approx
  • External Dimensions: 1790mmW x 1260mmD x 1158mmH
  • Internal Dimensions: 910mmW x 500mmD x 80mmH
  • Belt Width: 500mm
  • Total Baking Surface: 0.4msq