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Kolb Deck Ovens

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Kolb deeply believe that quality is the power for a company to grow. Swiss quality at unbeatable price will always remains their first priority to serve our customers.

Kolb's aim is to supply to customers in the area with much more affordable options. Since then Swiss quality at unbeatable price has been the commitment of the Kolb Huizhou team.

Without any doubt, continuous innovation, smart product design, stable quality, outstanding energy efficiency, and customer-oriented services are the key ingredients that have made Kolb Huizhou different from the competition. Kolb Huizhou's equipment is helping bakers in more than 40 countries all over the world to deliver great products to their clients around the clock.

We are pleased to bring an updated range of KOLB in-store baking solutions to suit your individual needs in the bakery. Thanks to a modular design, tailor-made combinations with KOLB ATOLL convection oven, KOLB Laguna deck oven, KOLB pizza oven with proofer and retarder proofer underbase can be created. The combination oven can be equipped with a steam condenser hood.


Southern Hospitality Are Able To Source Kolb's Laguna Deck Oven Range. We Will Work With You To Sort Out All Your Baking Equipment Needs And Find The Right Product For You. Give Us A Call At 0800 503 335 Or Email Us At [email protected] To Speak To One Of Our Friendly Sales Reps.

Kolb Laguna Deck Oven


The Deck Oven Laguna is the most recognized professional baking oven in Kolb's product portfolio, featuring no baking tray rotation, low running cost, smart configuration and continuous innovation. Laguna is the preferred oven for a lot of open-kitchen bakeries, which becomes a key element of the shop image. As the major component of Kolb's open kitchen bakery concept, Laguna is ideal for high quality baked foods.

The Laguna Deck Oven come in two options. The 4 deck and the 3 deck and four different sizes.

  • Special heating element design, optimizing baking result
  • Remarkable stability, low maintenance cost, to ensure working efficiency
  • Special heat protected glass door, designed for easy observation and premium image
  • Powerful steam system, adjustable temperature, energy saving and easy to operate
  • Outstanding insulation, high quality stone, energy saving
  • Modular design with different deck height, different combinations to meet your needs
  • Stainless steel structure, built for life time
  • Optional: fully programmable PCB and USB, ideal for bakery chains
Model (on trolley) L4-138/80 L3-138/80 L2-138/80
Number of Baking Chambers 4 3 3
Baking Chamber Interior Dimensions (WxD)(mm) 1430x920 1430x920 1430x920
Total Oven Tray Capacity 12 (720x450) 9 (720x450) 6 (720x450)
Outside Dimensions No Hood
(WxDxH) mm
1755x1420x1965   1755x1420x1840   1755x1420x1785  
Outside Dimensions with Hood
(WxDxH) mm
1755x1790x2125   1755x1790x2030   1755x1790x1945  
Voltage(V) 400v/50-60Hz/3ph 400v/50-60Hz/3ph 400v/50-60Hz/3ph
Power & Current 41.2Kw 27.9Kw ww.6Kw
Approx.Weight(kg) 944 837 625

We also sell the Kolb Atoll Speed 320, you can view it here.

Based on these specifications, you can choose the deck oven that suits your bakery needs best. Please contact a friendly sales rep at 0800 503 335 or or email us at [email protected].