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DOMUS DTP-18G Gas Dryer 18kg
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Domus High Spin Washer - The Most Efficient For The Most Demanding Customer

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  • Construction and drum
    • Construction in grey skinplate, stainless steel look.
    • Big loading door (opening of 180º).
    • Stainless Steel Drum
    • Soft Dry: The new drum perforations make sure the linen is gently handled.
    • Reverse Action: All models offer the reverse turning of the drum.
    • SFEX: Integrated Fire Extinguishing System.
    • Full Screen Filter: New filter drawer with wide surface and improved airflow.
    • Electronic Control: Easy and intuitive to use, the electronic control offers a complete control of the process.
    • Efficient Dry: The intelligent humidity sensor offers a precise control of the moisture in the linen. By this system the drying cycle will automatically stop when it reaches the set level of residual moisture.
    • Cool Down: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle.
  • Airflow circuit
    • Air Re-cycle: Air recovery system for great energy efficiency.
    • Thermal Insulation: The complete circuit of the air-flow has been thermally insulated in order to optimize the energy to heat the air and to maximize the energy efficiency.
    • Full Flow: The range of ECO-ENERGY dryers complements the axial-radial air flow with side and front openings to increase and optimize the airflow circuit, achieving the most efficient drying conditions.
    • Double Flow with side and front openings to increase and optimize the airflow circuit, and achieving the most efficient FULL FLOW.
  • Transmission
    • Direct drive through a gearbox, no pulley.
  • Heating
    • Models available in electric, gas or steam heating. Big models 45 to 80kg also available in thermal oil.
    • Big models steam battery is made of stainless steel to work at high pressures (up to 12 bar).
    • Option of a low pressure steam battery.

Product Specifications are available here.

About Domus

DOMUS have created a solid, modern firm, where they can guarantee their capacity to provide quality products and services to customers and a proven ability to consolidate our business future.

As an experienced manufacturer, they can develop products especially thought to meet the needs of all type of clients, offering a wide range of industrial laundry machinery for any business: hotels, restaurants, laundries, coin laundromats, hospitals, care homes and others.

DOMUS is specialized in offering complete solutions for the washing-drying-ironing-finishing of laundry to any type of business.