Britannia has been servicing the commercial kitchen ventilation market since 1995. Our portfolio contains a long, long list of fully satisfied customers & end-users; a legacy which provides us with a reputation that is second to none. From the largest to the smallest of projects, no effort is spared in finding the right solution to your kitchen ventilation problem.

Britannia Hoods and Extraction Canopies

The Britstream Range of Hoods:

The Britstream range of hoods has been developed after years of "in the field" research and development of kitchen hoods. Apart from this real-world in-put, we have extensively tested & retested products at our own facility in Leamington Spa as well as sponsoring many external test procedures on various components.
The result of all this work is a hood system based around a group of modularised components which can be configured in multiple ways to create, what to all intents and purposes is a bespoke product. All parts have been designed to achieve a predetermined performance but are specifically not over-engineered.
The combination of these properties provides a consistently high quality product, with great flexibility of application and at extremely competitive prices.

At a glance:

o All hoods are manufactured in New Zealand
o Aesthetics are a priority during design, so all Britstream products look better, cleaner, brighter & proportionally correct for the environment.
o Functional efficiency is paramount and our product range incorporates innovative concepts which help reduce onward running costs in a myriad of ways.
o The range has been carefully designed to provide integral rigidity and to be self-supporting - even when disassembled for transportation, so reducing the risks of damage in-transit.
o Only the finest materials, with consistent finish are used in the manufacture process. These are selected & utilised to reflect our concerns for the environment.
o Component sizing has been carefully considered to minimise risk to operatives when lifting, handling & installing.
o Reinforced fixing points have been strategically positioned to minimise site installation times.
o Panels are designed to be rigid so as to prevent drumming.
o Hidden fixings are utilised throughout.


Grease filtration:

  • All Britstream hoods are equipped with Superstream grease filters as standard. Possibly the single-most important aspect of any kitchen ventilation hood, is the grease filtration; poor filtration drastically increases fire risk & maintenance requirements. For this reason, all Britstream canopies utilise our own highly developed ranges of either Superstream or Ultrastream grease filter panels. These have been tested in Germany to VDI 2052-1 and returned exceptional results at all particle sizes (up to 100% at 5.6 microns) but especially at smaller particle sizes (up to 70% at 3.5 microns) where most grease carry-over is caused and where most other filters fail.


  • We have developed the "Britlux" range of light fittings which encompass everything that is important to modern kitchen installations; stylish, flush-fitting, low energy, high frequency, white-light, T5 lamps & ballasts. Each twin fitting has a hinged, sealed, toughened stippled-glass diffuser with drop down reflector and lamp array for ease of replacement, maintenance and for access above the canopy during installation. All lights are prewired to a junction box on the canopy and multiple lights are connected using prewired bi-pin moulded plugs to facilitate easy build-up after delivery. All lights are 240V 50Hz and lamp wattages are listed in the catalogue against the hood of your choice.

Supply-air Diffusers:

  • Supply-air is typically delivered through the front, outward facing valance of the hood. We have developed a recessed, perforated diffuser panel arrangement with integral filtration to aid air distribution across the full area of the panel. The panels are then tastefully mounted within the front valance and trimmed above and below by a slim bevelled edge formed from the valance itself. Each panel is easily removed for maintenance and replacement and to gain access during the installation process.

Spot Cooling:

  • For all supply-air applications as standard, fully adjustable spot cooling is incorporated for operator comfort. This directional air is delivered via smart, matt-black, ABS-moulded terminals in the lower front edge of the hood. Each terminal is easily removed for maintenance & replacement.


  • Hood assemblies are manufactured from type 304 stainless steel. All visible surfaces are fine grain satin polished to meet food hygiene standards. By special agreement, we can manufacture from other stainless steel sheet materials. Plenum ceilings are manufactured from zinc coated mild steel unless specified to the contrary.

Range Of Hoods:

  1. One (OE) - Traditional extract only & supply-air hoods; available in four configurations with standard width or extra wide (for use over ovens).
  2. Capturestream (CS#) - Airstream-induced capture hoods; available in four configurations with standard width or extra wide (for use over ovens).
  3. Econex (EF#) - Super-efficient, low air-movement, ergonomic, environmentally friendly & available in four configurations with standard width, extra wide (for use over ovens) and super wide (for single sided island arrangements).
  4. Dish Wash (DWE) - Efficient capture & management of moisture loaded environments in a single, specialist configuration for all typical wash-up arrangements.

To receive a quote for a Britannia hood, email or give us a call  at 0800 503 335

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