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Blue Seal Sapiens G40RSDW 40 Tray Gas Combi Oven - LPG or Natural

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EMS25 Blue Seal Sapiens G40RSDW 40 Tray Gas Combi Oven LPG
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EMS32 Blue Seal Sapiens G40RSDW 40 Tray Gas Combi Oven Natutral
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Blue Seal Sapiens is the combi-steamer oven for associated cooking with electronically managed manual controls. For those looking for a high-quality oven, equally matched with high performance, with simple and manual commands to get the job done - Sapiens provide this in your commercial kitchen.

The Sapiens design makes the oven not only good looking but adds a series of functions and innovations that always head towards the best cooking quality in the workshop. It also maintains all of the food’s nutritional value. The colours stay bright, less seasoning, water and salt are needed and, therefore, production costs are lower.

Southern Hospitality Ltd recommends that customers who wish to purchase items such as this consult with one of our friendly sales reps, to iron out all of the fine detail that can accompany such purchases, and ensure that you receive the correct model and specifications for your particular needs.

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The Sapiens combi oven cooking allows excellent results with meats and fish without the need to continuously baste the product to keep it from drying out, thanks to the Autoclima® humidity control system. For more tender and juicy cooking results, the Autoclima® system automatically controls the perfect climate in the cooking chamber. The temperature and humidity are automatically controlled at the ideal levels according to the food to be cooked. Juiciness and tenderness are also ensured when warming pre-cooked foods.

As an alternative to timer operation, the multi-point temperature probe can be used in conjunction with any program mode to cook by sensing internal product temperature for a more accurate cooking result.

Blue Seal Sapiens G40RSDW - 40 Tray Gas Combi Oven LPG or Natural

  • Gas single phase power output
  • 40 x 1/1 GN Tray or 20/ 2/1 GN capacity
  • Trolley with drip tray included
  • Shelf distance 63mm
  • Manual controls, pre-heating
  • The direct Steam injection system
  • Electronic thermostat 30C 300C
  • Multipoint core temperature probe
  • LED HVS (High Visibility System) alphanumeric display
  • Variable fan speed with up to 6 speeds with auto-reversing fan rotation
  • 95 preset recipe programs
  • 99 free programs with up to 9 cycles in automatic sequence
  • 2.4" LCD-TFT colour display with rapid selection scroller knob
  • AUTOCLIMA with automatic vent
  • Double tempered glass door with air chamber and interior heat-reflecting glass reduces heat radiation towards the operator
  • Fast-Dry, quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber
  • Built-in retractable hand shower with tap
  • LM automatic cleaning system with a separate container for CombiClean liquid detergent
  • LED bars to indicate actual cooking cycles in program mode
  • ECOVAPOR automatic control of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber
  • ECO SPEED oven optimises and controls the delivery of energy to maintain the correct cooking temperature
  • USB connection to download HACCP data, software upgrades and storing cooking programs


  • Dimensions
    • Width 1290mm
    • Depth 895mm
    • Height 1810mm
    • Weight: 400kg
  • Shelves
    • 1/1 GN 40
    • 2/1 GN 20
    • Shelf Spacings 63mm
  • Gas Connection for Gas Combi:
    • Nominal gas consumption: 194.4MJ/hr
    • Gas connection size: R½
    • Exhaust connection to ventilation system with safety switch.
    • Observe regulations for gas suppliers.
  • Installation clearances
    • rear 25mm
    • right 500mm*
    • left 50mm
  • Power connection requirements for Gas Combi
    • 230-240V, 50Hz, 1P+N+E
    • Supply line voltage: 1.8 kW
    • Electrical power: 0 A
    • Rated current: 3 pin plug
  • Water connection requirements
    • cold water
    • flow pressure (200-500kPa)
    • soft water connection*
    • shut-off valve with return flow inhibitor and dirt filter
    • water supply R¾
    • R50 wastewater connection

(*Water softener may be required. Please refer to installation manual for water treatment values.)