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Baktec Industrial Pro-Range Water Measuring and Mixing

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Baktec Ceres Pro Models

Bakeries are increasingly converting to automated systems, using a process computer or PLC. Baktec’s CERES Pro series, the new digital water mixing- and dosing appliances, meet these requirements. These all-round and user-friendly appliances can be easily connected to automated systems and have several new features making work more efficient and accurate.

The CERES Pro models are executed with completely updated hard- and software, with the latest innovative technology and components. Easily connected to a process computer or PLC and supplied standard with interfaces RS 232 and RS 485. Other interfaces such as Profibus and Ethernet can also be easily integrated.

The CERES Pro models are equipped with the “Injection-Mixing-Flow (I.M.F.) system”: an innovation whereby each water supply; hot, cold and chilled water, is individually and continuously controlled. This system is very accurate and achieves the desired temperature very swiftly up to a maximum tolerance of 0.4°C. The automatic pre-run makes sure that only water of the required temperature is added to your dough.

The new user-friendly and surveyable menu is operated by means of an LCD display. Information can be easily withdrawn such as: batch history (time, litres, temperature), batch progress and interface communication. You can also pre-programme the starting time for dosing.

Due to an extensive error analysis, you can resolve most of the common problems yourself. With the new installation menu, these appliances are easy to adjust and install. The advantages of our equipment, beside the above mentioned, is the special button for dosing chilled water; only the coldest available water is being dosed; especially useful in the summer.

Also dosing through multiple dosing outputs, start of multiple mixers, a dough temperature sensor, an external start/stop function and start of the water cooler pump when using chilled water, is possible with these new devices. The automatic standby function guarantees energy savings of 80%!


  • Capacity: 0.1-999.9 Litres
  • Adjustable to 0.1 Litres
  • Temperature setting: 1 – 80 ºC
  • Tolerance from 5 litres: < 0,5 %
  • Temperature tolerance: < 0,4 ºC
  • Speed (depending on water pressure): from 25 litres per minute to 80 litres per minute
  • Programme storage: RS 232 and RS 485
  • Standard interface: 1-5 kg/cm²
  • Water pressure: 16 kg/cm²
  • Electricity
    • 220- 240 VAC (± 10%)
    • 50 Hz/ 60 Hz (± 2 Hz)
    • 65 VA /70 W


  • Dosing via multiple dosing outlets
  • Starting of multiple kneaders.
  • Dough temperature sensor
  • External start-stop
  • Starting of the water pump when using chilled water

If you are interested in getting one of the best products in the market for accurate water measuring and mixing, please contact us at 0800 503 335 or

About Baktec

For over 30 years, Baktec has supplied water mixing and measurement equipment, as well as water chillers, to all parts of the world. Baktec has developed a wide range of products that offer solutions for every type of bakery, whether it be small artisanal bakeries, large industrial bakeries or anything in between. Their equipment is of very high quality, easy to operate, features unique designs and is aimed at simplifying the production process.