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Alto Shaam 500-TH/III Cook and Hold Oven
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Dimensions: 483mmW x 675mmD x 809mmH

Bring consistent quality to every dish you serve using Halo Heat® technology in a 500-TH/III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold oven. Steam combined with air circulation fans in other types of ovens can compromise the flavor and texture of your food. Because Halo Heat utilizes unique thermal cabling, the oven cavity is surrounded with gentle, precise heat which evenly cooks your food and ensures the highest quality product every time.

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The Vector® oven is a revolution in cooking technology, featuring exclusive Structured Air Technology™ that delivers high-velocity, focused heat for faster more even cooking than traditional ovens. Save time without watching and rotating pans. Cook what you want, when you want it.

  • Capacity – 40 pounds (18 kilograms), 4 full-size/GN 1/1 pans.
  • Halo Heat - No fans, forced air or added humidity allow for greater moisture and even cooking.
  • Greater yield & better quality - Halo Heat tenderizes even the toughest cuts of meat by activating their natural enzymes. Significant moisture retention relates to longer holding life and extra servings from each item prepared.
  • Programmable memory – The 500-TH/III features eight programmable menu buttons, allowing you to store your favorite recipes.
  • SureTemp™ maintains heat levels – If the door is opened the exclusive SureTemp system responds to compensate for any heat loss.
  • Cooks, roasts, re-heats, and holds in the same cabinet with set-and-forget controls to provide a
    better distribution of work loads.
  • Cooks by time or by probe to sense internal product temperature and automatically converts from
    cook mode to hold mode once the set parameters have been reached.
  • Oven hoods, outside venting, and fire extinguisher systems are not required (in most areas). Emission of
    grease laden air are less than U.L. established standards.
  • Eight programmable menu buttons stores favorite recipes into memory (cook/hold/time/probe
    set-points). Reduces operational requirements to simply loading the oven, pushing the power
    button, the preset menu button, and start.
  • Clear, easy-to-read LED display indicates cook time remaining or the full range of programmed
    operating parameters.
  • When cooking by probe, the oven maintains a record of the highest and lowest temperatures
    sensed by the food probe to assure foods are cooked to the temperature required.
  • Oven includes the patented SureTemp™ heat recovery system to assure immediate compensation
    for any heat loss whenever the door is opened and provides an audible reminder if the door has
    been left open for more than three minutes.
  • Antimicrobial handle retards the growth of illness-causing pathogens

THE HALO HEAT® Advantage

No added humidity - Adding water vapor to held foods lessens taste and can result in “washed out” or boiled food before it’s even served. That’s why none of Alto-Shaam® heated holding products use water vapor to maintain temperature or moisture. Gentle radiant heat in a sealed and static holding environment is all that is needed to keep food hot, flavourful and ready to serve for hours.

A variety of heated holding solutions - Whether you’re holding small production items, a complete banquet, or something in between, Alto-Shaam has an answer to your heated holding needs.

Precise heat management - Steam and other harsh heating methods result in dynamic temperature and humidity swings. Halo Heat heats food gently and consistently, from top to bottom, for hours at a time.


  • Weight: 160kg
  • Electrical: 208-240V, 60Hz, 11.2A, 2.9-3.0kW
  • Capacity: 18kg, 38L Oven is equipped with 2 stainless steel side racks with 11 pan
    positions spaced at 35mm centers


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