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Accolade Elements Egg-shape Deep Plate 26 x 22cm
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Accolade Elements Egg-shape Deep Plate

Dimensions: 26 x 22cm

Elements from Accolade takes inspiration from earth's elements in all its glory. Elements reflects the beauty of deep earthy tones creating a high visual impact on each piece.

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Handcrafted with lustrous glazes, the shape and texture are an embodiment of the raw characters of the elements, refined through the artistry of the craftsman. Featuring the huge commercial features of all our Accolade crockery:

  • an alumina-rich body with increased strength
  • heat retention without crazing or dulling
  • chip resistant and long lasting
  • light weight and slim profile for reduced storage space

The plates from the Accolade Elements range carry Lifetime Edge Chip Replacement Warranty.

Accolade, our successful commercial crockery brand from the famous porcelain region of Thailand, satisfies a wide variety of applications - from the Classic styles designed for banqueting and functions, through to contemporary and fine-dining options. For over 50 years this manufacturer has produced an alumina-rich body which provides increased strength.

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