Innovative shelving solutions from Tonon

17/02/2021 10:40 am

Tonon SRL is well known for their sturdy range of shelves. They are versatile and are made for environments which require a high degree of cleanliness such as kitchens, food storage rooms, walk in chillers and freezers, as well as hospitals and other health care facilities.

This is a case study of one such Finland based healthcare facility - Hospital Nova. They needed a custom solution for their shelving and storage for their sterile instrument packs. Tonon and their local partners offered a custom shelving solution which was installed in just 3 days.

Watch the final product in action below.

Southern Hospitality is proud to partner with Tonon SRL to bring their modular shelves and we can also work with you to build a custom solution should you need one.

Get in touch with you Southern Hospitality representative or give us a call at 0800 503 335.

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