SiteWise Green Accredition

14/08/2020 9:00 am

SHL SiteWise GreenSouthern Hospitality is pleased to announce that it has been awarded SiteWise Green accreditation for the 3rd year in a row. SiteWise is an online prequalification system which grades a contractor's health and safety capability. This is the highest level obtainable and evidence provided supports our commitment to Health & Safety and confirms our Health Safety system conforms to industry standards at the highest levels.

All contractors who sign up to the SiteWise system complete an annual health and safety assessment with the goal of achieving SiteWise Green. A Green Grading in SiteWise means we have achieved a grade of 75% or above on our annual assessment.

SHL SiteWise Green

  • Green (scores over 75%) - quality health and safety systems
  • Amber (scores 50-74%) - health and safety systems need some work or lack evidence to demonstrate quality systems
  • Red (scores under 50%) - health and safety systems not in place or not enough evidence to show systems are in place.

By registering with SiteWise, and completing the assessment process we:

  • display our commitment to good health and safety practices to organisations who wish to work with us
  • minimise the need to provide evidence of good health and safety practice with each new project, as the assessment results are valid for a year
  • are listed as a green business in a database that shows to all organisations that use SiteWise as a prequalification tool.
  • get access to independent and cost effective advice on how we can improve our health and safety practices quickly and easily

How is this helpful for our customers?

  • Our achievement of industry accreditation demonstrates our commitment to good health and safety practices
  • Knowledge that SHL has robust/quality/capable H&S systems and policies that are industry tested and certified
  • If you use Sitewise:
    • you can view our assessment and our scores
    • we would eliminate the need to provide evidence of our H&S systems on a project by project basis.

Southern Hospitality has adopted Think Safe | Act Safe | Home Safe as the driver for our healthy and safety culture in our business.

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