Don't Judge a Box By It's Cover

20/09/2021 6:10 pm

Continuously challenging the industry status quo, Scanbox keeps breaking barriers to find the optimal solution for the holding and transportation of hot and cold food. ExP is the newest upgrade and provides a brand new standard built on three important pillars – Design, Performance and Environment!

So what does EXP stand for? "Environmental Times Performance" and what does this mean?


  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Less materials equals fewer emissions
  • Lighter weight with easy manoeuvering


  • Built to last 
  • Heavy duty with superb handling
  • Designed with reinforced impact zones
  • All units prepared for connectivity and future ready


  • Faster temperature reach for pressured service
  • Improved temperature distribution and moisture control
  • Keeps food tasty and fresh for that perfect "just cooked" taste

Scanbox Food Delivery with benefits and features highlighted

The trends we identified after the last lockdown are still very relevant and have been adopted around the globe, here's a reminder of what they are:

Trend #1 - Longer Serving Hours and an Increased Number of Locations:

We have seen the need for operators to extend serving time and increase the number of locations served during lunch hours at places such as staff and schools canteens. These changes allow the operators to serve the same amount of diners as before while reducing the number of people in the same room at any given time. This is important in order to sustain a safe environment and comply with new authority guidelines and regulations. These changes will increase the need for flexible and versatile food holding and transportation equipment.

Trend #1 Solution Example:

Food2Go - is our versatile mobile serving platform and an excellent way to serve food with great customer experience at any location. Two separate compartments for storing hot and cold food in combination with a ceramic heated serving surface on top. Add tray holder, tray slides, sneeze and cough guard and utensil holder for a fully functioning solution that keeps the food safe and customers happy!

Scanbox with Food In Hotel setting

The improved Environmental Performance Ergo Line ExP Combo and Duo - allows you to combine ambient, hot and cold compartments in one box - stacked either on top of each other or side-by-side. This way you can hold and transport all of your food that completes the meals in one box. Add a foldable tray holder on the side of the box and you have a serving station at any given location.

Do you want to provide information or market your brand? Add your logo and/or a full cover exterior to be more personal. Speak to your experienced sales manager for more details or call 0800 503 335 or email us at

Scanbox Ergoline With Logos Custom Products

Trend #2 - Room-Service!

We have spotted an increased demand for room-service applications across multiple segments from hotels and cruise lines to health and elderly care facilities. Generally, the more traditional room-service solutions handle a lower capacity, have poor insulation properties and no compartment for active cooling. The increased demand for room-service operations will create new challenges in logistics, food safety and preserving food quality in order to deliver equal customer experience in the “new normal”.

Trend #2 Solution Example:

Ergo Line Combo/Duo - allows for three separately protected compartments for holding and transportation of hot and/or cold food. If you add a foldable tray holder you can prepare meals and trays on the go! The food will be delivered at the right temperature, in a safe and hygienic transport box while saving time delivering multiple meals at once.

Scanbox Ergo Line Combo DuoHot + Hot + AC

Trend #3 - Flexible Operations!

It is all about flexibility! Survival of the fittest means that you have to adapt to new situations - and maybe adjust back to the “old normal”. How quickly can your operation shift from dine-in to take-out or delivery with sustained food quality? Or from in-house operations and banqueting in your own facilities to remote catering outdoors for small to large parties?

This will, not only, require competent staff members, but also flexible and versatile kitchen equipment. Changing your operation might seem simple at a first glance - and you are right - the challenges ahead are achievable! But they will change the formula of how to sustain food quality when holding and transportation time increases and the limitations of how you can serve the food are still present.

Trend #3 Solution Example:

Under Counter - is a mobile hot box that fits perfectly underneath the buffet counter and takes up minimal space inside the kitchen. It can easily be wheeled away which makes it perfect for room-service, lounge areas and external catering, but works just as good as a holding cabinet in the kitchen.

Scanbox Undercounter H5

If you would like to find out of Scanbox can be helpful for your business, please give us a call at 0800 503 335 or email us at and one of our experienced sales managers will provide you with a solution tailored to your needs and your business.


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