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18/08/2020 5:10 pm

Hygienic functions & technologies

For all those who prepare food and baked goods professionally, hygiene is always the top priority. The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the vital importance of hygiene worldwide. Convotherm combi ovens have been guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene due to their design for years. They also have special hygiene cooking solutions that offer an additional plus in safety - especially in these special times.

Sterilize cleaning and disinfection

Unique and patented: SteamDisinfect

Convotherm is the only manufacturer of combi ovens with a patented function for steam sterilization of the cooking chamber. A push of a button when selecting the cleaning program is sufficient, and at the end of the process an additional 130 °C hot steam is introduced into the cooking chamber. Steam Disinfect thus offers even more hygiene for safer food preparation. A real plus, especially in these times.

The Steam Disinfect patented innovation introduces steam into the cooking cavity at 130 °C at the end of the cleaning process at the simple touch of a button.

For even more hygiene safety.Another smart idea from Convotherm for safer food preparation.

The power of steam as a cleaning sterilizer

Steam sterilization is demonstrably superior to sterilization with pure hot air and also much faster: steam heat is able to inactivate or kill bacteria and viruses with a steam temperature of just 121 °C and takes only 20-30 minutes compared to up to 2 hours in dry heat.

Steam sterilization is non-toxic and cost-effective. Use your combi oven to your advantage.

Power Sterlisation

Hygienic Steam Function

Your Convotherm combi is more than just an oven. It can also help sterilize kitchen utensils. In times such as these it is comforting to know that you can take the extra step to sterilization by putting thoroughly cleaned objects, such as cutlery and heat resistant kitchen utensils, into your combi oven.

A one-touch Hygienic Steam icon in the supplied cookbook starts an automatic steam clean program of 130 ° C for 30 minutes. Nothing else is needed. As soon as the utensils have cooled down sufficiently, they can be removed without risk.

Steam sterilization is non-toxic and cost-effective. Use your combi oven to your advantage.

No room for germs: Convotherm’s unique closed cooking system ACS+

Convotherm combi ovens are the only combi ovens that can ensure that no fumes or vapors can get into or escape from the cooking chamber during the cooking process unless deliberately opened. Convotherm has the only completely sealed cooking chamber on the market. This is ensured due to our patented ACS+ system.

No germs - spores, bacteria or viruses can enter the cooking chamber and settle in the food to be cooked at low temperatures or spread when food is served.
The result: Optimum safety for employees and customers.

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