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9/04/2020 6:19 pm

Dear Fellow Kiwis,

We have done extraordinarily well over the past two weeks by staying at home and keeping within our respective bubbles. Southern Hospitality has had the privilege of supporting a wide range of essential services with our products so that they can continue their work with minimal disruption.

Now We Can Ship Essential Products To Your Home!

Southern Hospitality can now deliver a range of daily use essential products to your home during the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown. If you are running out of any of the following, you can purchase them from us and we will ship it out immediately:

  • Homeware – Kettles, Toasters and Hairdryers
  • Cleaning Products – Brooms, mops and mop buckets, a wide range of chemicals including handcare liquids, sanitisers, general purpose cleaners, cloths, scourers and wipes, and other cleaning products
  • Cookware – Pots and pans, roasting dishes and woks
  • Bakeware – Everything you need for baking apart from ovens
  • Kitchenware – All kitchenware products such as chopping boards and chef’s knives, graters, colanders, tongs, scoops, mixing bowls and similar products.
  • Disposables – Toilet paper, serviettes and napkins, straws and gloves, baking paper and aluminium foil, a wide range of non-plastic straws, paper coffee cups among others.
  • Food Safety – Our full range of food safety products from thermometers, colour coded knives and chopping boards, first aid kit and other necessary products
  • Aprons and headwear – Our wide range of stylish aprons, chef’s caps and hats, and chef’s jackets if you fancy them!

As always, our stores are still closed until the COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted but you can order these products online through the website.

Our call centre team and our warehouse are working during regular open hours and we will ship them during this period.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at 0800 503 335 or email us at

Stay Healthy and Safe!

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