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Fullers Ferry by Project Design

26/02/2015 3:53 PM

Southern Hospitality by Project Design


To design and develop the food service retail display offer and the latest new build Fullers Ferry. This brief was very broad, leaving all aspects of food service, display, and interior design in the hands of our design team.

Key Design Features:

-New menu options designed by a professional food consultant

-Countertop area kept low and clutter-free to enable engagement amongst staff and colleagues

-New modern look, a large departure from previous designs

-Fullers are planning to roll this design out on all their current vessels

Equipment Features:

-Introducing a Kolb oven to the kitchen to replace the previous standard microwave

-Barista coffee for both the upper and lower decks

-Wine coolers built into the countertop of the bar

-Recessed coffee cup dispensers


Upper deck server counter

The new Fullers Ferry ship

Main deck servery counter, operational view

Main deck customer experience, clean and simple style with multiple access points and much improved flow


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